May 26, 2010

one to five

Sometimes I get a little bored.
I love it but I have nothing to do.
Dan is calling me at 3 but until then...
Hmm. Guess it's either stare out the window or blog.
So I pick blog.

You know what I think is stupid?
That no where has knee length board shorts. For girls.
At least not in Cedar.
It's lame.
I'll have to order some. ...And wear gym shorts to lifeguard in next week??
I guess so.

Oh! I'm wearing these cute pink shoes that I got while in Logan.
BUT they semi-hurt my feet...
a little.
I think it's just that I'm not used to wearing tennis shoes or laced shoes cause usually I wear flips or flats.
I love them though.
Here they are:The picture doesn't really do them justice.
Because they are pink...bright pink. :)

Know what else?
I think it's really wonderful and nice looking outside right now.
Even though it's windy.
But honestly, I can hear birds chirping and the sun is shining.
I want to go out there.
I feel like I probably ought to go outside more often.
I'm lacking sunshine in my skin! Vitamin D.
I think I'm also getting slightly dehydrated.
I need water!!

OH! Someone just came and bought tickets.
For the Summer Games Opening Ceremonies.
She bought 4!
I love when people come.
Ha it gives me work to do.
After she bought them, I was explaining to her where the summer games office is...
She answered her phone and starts speaking Russian or something.
It was weird..and cool.
I wish I could speak some random language.
Aside from English, I mean.

Hmm, so yesterday I had to say goodbye to my swim team.
It was the saddest thing.
After 5 years, I had to quit. It was getting to be too much with my schedule.
Especially when Fall Semester arrives.
I went to practice and let them all know and as I was telling them I had to keep myself from crying.
Then I passed out some swedish fish candy I got them and said goodbye to the parents.
Two mothers gave me a hug and told me how much they'd miss me and thanks for coaching their children.
One mom told me, "You'll be so hard to replace! We've loved you since the minute we met you."
I burst into tears! Well, not dramatically but I was crying. She started crying a little too.
So I had to leave. :( It's so hard to leave the people you've grown so close to over the years.
They're like my family and it's really going to be weird not spending all my summer mornings and school year afternoons at the pool.
Life is changing fast.
Well, I get to go back on Thursday for about half an hour to say goodbye to some kids I missed.
And I was told I had to be there for a surprise...
I hope I don't cry again!!

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