May 28, 2010

The Good Life

Today was such a great day! Seriously, it was great.
  1. I worked from 8-noon then came home and made myself some lunch.
  2. I took an hour long nap. So nice.
  3. I cleaned out my car! Vacuumed, cleaned the windows on the inside, and took it to the car wash kinda clean. It's wonderful!
  4. I cleaned my room--so needed.
  5. I went to the swimming pool because my team had a "surprise" for me to say goodbye...They threw me a goodbye party! When I got there they had a cake for me (made by Katrina and Alissa) and a card signed by everyone and then served everyone rootbeer floats and cake and cookies. Then all my kids gave me a big group hug! They told me they were never letting go so that I would never leave. Haha I love them so much! I didn't even cry, they made me laugh though. I will miss them! I told them I'd have to go watch some of their swim meets. Seriously, it made my day :) Oh! And Joey's family gave me a nice card and a Venus Fly Trap! Cool huh? haha It's my new baby.
  6. Then I hurried over to the SUU pool to lifeguard class. We worked on back boarding and spinal injuries and deep water rescues. I was in the pool from 5:45pm to 9pm. Longest class ever. I was such a raisin when I got out!
  7. Dan text me when I got out of the pool and asked how my day was. He's so great. We've talked everyday and when he called me yesterday, we talked for 45 minutes. I honestly can't wait to see him next week!
  8. ONE WEEK until I go to Lagoon with Dan, Natalie, and Bryan! I'm so stoked! I can't wait to see my best friend, Natalie, and Dan, of course. :)
  9. When I got home from lifeguard class, my family had saved me dinner. They made hamburgers and corn on the cob and was so summery and yummy! It was so good!
  10. Then Bryan called and we were going to go to the midnight movie of Prince of Persia but it's not until tomorrow night so we went to Bryan's and ate string cheese while we watched the third Mummy...which, I figured out, I've actually seen! haha I've seen so many movies lately because every time we hang out, we watch a movie and text Natalie and Dan. Oh well, we always have a good time doing that haha
  11. Dan's phone died though so now I'm watching Elf. This movie cracks me up! Seriously such a funny movie!
  12. Tomorrow my family and I leave for Salt Lake to stay at my grandma's house
  13. Life is great!
The cake Katrina and Alissa made me. It's so cute! It's of the pool with Teddy Graham people and a shark and back stroke flags. And apparently I'm the Teddy Graham wearing the Airheads bikini hahaMy swim team and me at the party they threw for me! I love this pic, even though my arm is looking a little fat from being squashed...

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