May 23, 2010

I'm a travelin' girl...

This weekend was so fun! Steph, my dad, and I traveled to Bountiful and Logan for my dad's business meetings. We saw my grandma and ate a lot of cheese haha Hey! We were in Cache Valley! It had to be done! Anyway, here are pictures from our trip:

The Logan Temple is so pretty! We were going to do baptisms there but they didn't open for baptisms until 12:30 so we didn't have enough time. We ended up walking around the temple grounds and took some pictures. It was great!Steph and me at the temple. She kept squinting because of the sun...We saw this John Deere cruiser on the temple grounds. Only in Logan...haha
After the temple we got Jamba Juice and sat on the grass at the Logan Tabernacle. Jamba Juice is my favorite!We had fun taking pictures!haha and this picture was just so funny that I had to put it onAfter we picked up my dad from his meeting at the Utah State University, we went to this ice cream and cheese shop to get some free Aggie Blue Mint Ice Cream. It tasted pretty good! I decided that SUU needs an ice cream flavor...Yum!In other news, this is one of the outfits I bought at the mall. I love it. The other new one is in the other photos

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