June 6, 2010


So the first update is that I'm buying Angie's camera! Woo! It's so cool, I love it. AND the best part is that I'm buying it for WAY cheaper than I could get a camera at the store or online and it's WAY nicer than the one I've been using for the last eleven years. The camera is a Canon PowerShot A620. The screen can rotate around, it's 7.1 mega pixels, and there is a cool function on it that you can pick up certain colors and leave the rest black and white. I'm way excited to have a new camera! THANKS ANGIE!

Me and Bec were playing with the camera when I got home from work

We decided that our eyes look the exact same!

The second update is that I went to Heber and Lagoon this weekend. It was so fun! I rode up with Bryan and we met up with Natalie and Dan in Heber. We left at 8am on Friday and drove to Heber. We made it all the way into the canyon about 15 minutes from Heber when Bryan's truck started having problems. The truck stopped a couple of times but we were lucky that it always managed to die right when we were able to pull into a parking lot of some sort of the road. Finally we got it going again and made it all the way past Midway into Heber...but when we got to the first stoplight on the way into town, the truck died. In the middle of the road. So for the first time in my life I had to steer the truck while Bryan and some guys who came to help pushed it into the Tunex parking lot. We were so lucky to breakdown right next to a place that could fix the truck. And about five hours and a bunch of money later, the trip was back on with Bryan's truck.
We were able to meet up with Natalie and then we waited for Dan to get there. Once he was there we all went to the Dairy Keen to eat lunch and then we went up to my cabin in Midway. We went on a walk and talked until we could go to Natalie's to get her sisters, Megan and Marissa. Then we went back to the cabin and had a BBQ, played games, and watched two movies. It was a good night.
Saturday we all got ready, Marissa and Megan left for work, and Bryan, Natalie, Dan and I went to Lagoon. We played at Lagoon all day and had so much fun! Dan and I rode a lot of roller coasters and the Rocket and then before we left we all walked around the western part of Lagoon and looked at the cool museums they have there. It was really cool. I'd never been to that part of the park before and Dan was good to let me take him pretty much wherever to look at all the stuff. After Lagoon we went to my Grandma Barclay's house to stay the night. We talked with her and had pizza then we played card games until it was time for bed.
This morning we woke up and had breakfast and then we all went home. It was so fun to see Dan and Natalie. The weekend was really great!

Bryan in the truck on the way there. I was playing with the color function. So cool!

Playing with the camera in the car

Me, Megan, Marissa, and Natalie at the cabin

Megan and Marissa are so great!

Dan, Bryan, and Natalie at the cabin

Nat jumping at the cabin

This is how the boys fit the two trucks and Natalie's car in the driveway at the cabin. Yikes!

Me and Natalie before we left for Lagoon. We match!

Bryan and Natalie at Lagoon in line for the Spider

Me and Dan in line for the Spider

All of us at Lagoon

Me and Dan in line for the bat

These three are so great

Me and Dan

Waiting in line for the Bat

While we were in line this girl was in front of us...yeah...what an outfit choice huh?

I loved seeing Natalie!

Dan didn't know I was taking this one :)

Bryan, on the other hand, knew I was taking this one...hence the face haha

This one just makes me laugh! Bryan and I are so great haha

We were going to ride Rattle Snake Rapids but we ended up taking pictures instead

We saw these way cute baby Geese so I had to take a picture

One of the museums had some circus stuff in it and this man is the world's smallest man...and this is his ACTUAL SIZE! So small!

So I made Dan stand next to him so I could take a picture. It makes Dan look so tall!

Then we went in a train museum and Bryan and Dan had to take a picture with the trains

So Natalie and I got a picture too

Then we went in the telephone museum and found this phone booth so Bryan got in it...

and then Natalie got in it

This was on the wall at the museum next to a bunch of cool old phones

Then we went in a pioneer home museum and Bryan tried to fake steal the fake bread

This was in one of the last museums we went in. It was cool! It's a stove but it's got a bunch of jewels on it and the sign next to it said it had a really really REALLY high replacement value.

In other news, today was Sunday and I got home too late to go to my ward so I went with my mom, Collette, Becca, and Erin. It was kind of fun because I got to go to young womens with my mom, Bec, and Collette. They had a talk on sustaining the missionaries and that was good but my favorite part was being able to recite the young womens theme again. It's been so long since I've done that...three years almost...and it was a good reminder for me to have.
Also, today I got to see my family again and talk to my mom, dad, and sisters about my trip and stuff. I love them so much! It's been such a good weekend...too bad I have to go back to working life tomorrow.

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