May 5, 2010

Girls just wanna have fun

It's always so surreal when my friends are getting married. No matter how long they've been dating, it's still just weird to think they'll actually be married. I guess it's just weird to think that we are all old enough to be married!
Anyway, Carly Anderson is getting married to Joe Christensen on the 14th so we partied! Bridal shower at Ashley Berry's house and then bachelorette party in St. George! So fun! Me and Carly at the shower
We got pizza at Domino's Pizza in St. George before going back to the house

Our house we stayed in. Danelle's boyfriend's parents own it and let us stay there. It was so fun to have a house to ourselves (and it was free so even better)! Doesn't the bush look like a Kaola Bear?
Then we played an oreo game where you had to slide the oreo from your forehead to your mouth with just your face! HARD! So Ashley and I just took pictures.
We played some drinking games with APPLE JUICE and Carly spilled it so she acted like she peed haha
I was having a good time apparently
Sheena and Danessa Whittier came with us
In the middle of playing Spoons, Danelle just digs up some dirt from the ground and eats it! She said it tasted good and ate some more!
See? She is eating it! Crazy girl!
So, Danessa and Sheena brought this creepy game called Nightmare and we all played it. It was from 1991 and it came with a VHS that you played along with. The guy on the video was a creeper and it made us scream with terror at times and laugh so hard at others. The guy called everybody "Maggots" and we had to answer him by saying "Yes, my gatekeeper!" haha SO weird
The name on my tombstone playing piece was Guavadan or something like that but I couldn't pronounce it so I was Givadan! haha "I don't giveadan!"
This is the gameboard
Oh! The creeper gatekeeper had a staring contest. Nessa was really good at it hahaha
We left the next morning and I was sad to leave
We went to breakfast at IHOP. I love these girls!

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