May 17, 2010

Ok so I think that one of two things has happened.
1. My stomach is shrinking! OR
2. Food is turning into my enemy!

Both are horrible horrible possibilities but I hardly eat anymore! I don't know what my problem is...
Friday I had Panda Express for lunch. Didn't finish it. (and I love Panda!) I had nothing for dinner. I ate a small piece of cake and drank some punch at Joe and Carly's wedding reception but then I went to a movie and just didn't even remember to eat.
Saturday I had a waffle and a piece of sausage for breakfast. For lunch I had 3 bites of a peanut butter sandwich. And for dinner I had about that same amount of bites of a hamburger and a little bit of pasta salad at Dan's Grandma's house.
Sunday I had oatmeal for breakfast/lunch...brunch...and then forgot to eat the rest of the day! I did eat a piece of bacon for dinner because Bryan was over and by the time I went in to eat, all the food was eaten. Really though, I didn't care because I wasn't hungry!
Today I'm doing a little better. I had oatmeal for breakfast and then got subway for lunch and all I ate was a cup of yogurt and HALF of my 6". Who does that?!

I love food!! What is wrong with me?

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