April 26, 2010


1. Didn't have to take my sisters to school...I let Becca take my car
2. Slept in until 11am :)
3. Watched Law and Order: CI pretty much most of the day and even though SVU is my favorite, it was still enjoyable
4. Showered and took my time getting ready
**This is where it gets interesting...
5. Becca calls me (4:35pm) and I ask her why she is not home with my car since I have to be to a final at 5pm
6. Becca tells me she locked the keys in the car and needs me to bring her some keys
7. NEWS FLASH: No one in my family is home to bring me to the high school
8. SO...Becca has Shari Pickett and MaKayla Gale drive her to our house to pick me up with the keys
9. I am riding in the car with 2 high school sophomores and 1 high school junior
10. Shari is a saint for picking me up! but she drives slower than anyone I've ever driven with...mostly just because I'm in a hurry
11. They drop us off on 300 west
12. Becca and I run to the ELC to print off my paper
13. The computer takes 8 years to start up
14. I find my paper and push print
15. I go to the printer where the girl in front of me has printed about 20 things off
16. The printer runs out of paper
17. We wait while the lab tech changes the paper
18. The girl gets her copies and starts to leave...WITH MY PAPER IN HER STACK
19. When mine "doesn't print" I ask if she has my paper with hers...she does
20. I wait while she takes the papers out of her backpack, looks through them, finds mine, and hands it to me
21. I grab the paper and RUN out the door, over to the education building
22. I arrive at class at 5pm on the dot to turn in my paper. Phew!!
23. Becca and I then walk the 5 or so blocks to the CHS parking lot to get my car
24. I cough the entire way like someone with smoker lungs
25. We get to the car and Becca informs me that my car is on empty with the gas light on
26. We drive to KB and fill up gas
27. I drop Bec off at the soccer game and drive to work
**After all that, I calm down a bit and my night returns to normal
28. Our ward closing social was tonight
29. We had sandwiches and took lots of photos. I love my ward
30. I drive home to retrieve all my letters from Ben and drive to Carly's house
31. Joe and Carly start a fire
32. Natalie comes over
33. I take 17 months worth of letters and pictures out of their envelopes and put them into the fire one-by-one
34. It feels good to have that part of my life over. done. gone. :)
35. We roast marshmallows and talk
36. I go home and shower. Again.
**Today was a great day! I love finals week.

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