April 17, 2010

As I write this post, I am watching one of the greatest movies there is...School of Rock. Seriously, it is so good and Jack Black makes me laugh a lot. AND the best part of it is that it has the line "You're the cat's pajamas" in it! **Story: Tambrea and her family are putting together a SUU quilt for her sister, Traci, because she is graduating this May. The quilt will have a square from each of her friends with a little note or picture of memories and such. So last week Tambrea had Natalie and me come over and write on a square. On my first draft (I call it this because I got made fun of and had to start over), I wrote "Traci- You are the cat's pajamas!" NO ONE KNEW WHAT THIS MEANT! Can you believe that?? I said, "It means you are way cool! You could also say 'You're the bee's knees' or 'the apple of my eye', ya know?" They said, "Yeah, we've heard those other phrases but not that one." They thought I made it up or something. Lame! So we text Chacha to prove it was a real phrase and Chacha informed us that it was a phrase popular in the 1920's. That's why I got made fun of. haha SO, when I heard it tonight I HAD to text Tambrea to let her know that that awesome phrase was used on School of Rock too. Obviously, it is a phrase still used today! So there.
In other news, today was Becca's prom. I can't believe that she is old enough to go to prom! It was fun getting her ready to go though. Tambrea came over to help do Becca's hair because we were curling it and then I did her makeup. She looked so so beautiful when we got her dress on with it. Her date was Alan Payne and he came to pick her up at 9pm. He brought Bec a corsage and then Bec gave him his boutonniere. I had to help her put it on because my parents are in Vegas at a bagpiping competition this weekend. It was an intense moment! I have no experience with putting one on so I had a lot of input from people and then I just guessed at it. In the process I stabbed myself in the finger. Slightly. And then, once I had it on him, I made him jump up and down to make sure it would stay on haha Yeah, I'm sure that no one has ever made him do that before when he came to pick up the girl. Well, then we took pictures and sent them on their way. Unfortunately for me, since the parents are gone, I get to wait up for her to get home. At one. In the morning. Oh well. haha

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