March 7, 2010

Well, this weekend was pretty grand! It consisted of a lot of fun stuff that can only be described with photos...and descriptions, of course :)

#1: Friday, I attended the Pro Party BBQ at Willowbrook Apt. with Marissa, Natalie, Jess, Chels, and Tambrea. We got free hotdogs and a bracelet for supporting the Pro Party (student body elections) of SUU. It was lots of fun.

#2: Friday, after the BBQ I worked the Faculty Dance Concert in the Randall Jones Theater with Joe. We took pictures and found a bunch of random stuff in the office to entertain ourselves. We got laughing way hard and actually had a lot of fun working.

Then we had a spinning contest on our office chairs. This is me spinning. Right after this Joe tried jumping on his chair while his chair was stacked with theater "butt" pillows and the chair went flying into the office wall. I'm pretty sure I laughed for about 10 minutes while Joe hurried to throw the pillows back into the pillow box and get his chair back to his window.

#3: Friday, Hannah Atkisson, Anne Marie, me, and Elisabeth Aisen waited in line at Stadium 8 to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. Steph, Melissa Morris, and her boyfriend, Paul, met up with us too.

Elisabeth and I were stoked to see the movie, as you can tell.

Me in the 3D glasses.

Yay! Me and Anne Marie in the theater with the glasses on. The movie was a sell out so we all had to sit in different places. Before the movie started, some girls were taking pictures down in the very front and their camera had quite the flash so the guy a couple seats over from us started getting angry. Well, some college kid about 2 rows up behind the guy says "Hey, buddy! Hey!" So the angry guy turns around and the college kid has his camera with the flash turned on and says "Smile!" and snaps a picture of the angry guy. haha The angry man got so upset so the kid says "Dude, calm down. The movie hasn't even started. We'll all turn our cameras off when it starts." It was great. But the movie was amazing! I read the book for class last Spring semester and it was cool to compare this Alice to the book and the animated Disney version. I thought this movie was way awesome and it was cool that it took more of the Through the Looking Glass take on it. 3D gave me a headache but I guess it was worth it. haha
#4: Saturday, Becca and I went to the St. George Temple to do baptisms. It was so wonderful. I love going to the temple so much. I feel so blessed to be a member of this great gospel and that I am able to attend the temple. It was so fun going with my sister. I felt the spirit so strong while we were there and my love for Becca grew so much. It really was the best way to start a Saturday. Oh! When we were going to take this picture, we heard the cutest thing! A little family was coming in the gate to the temple grounds and they had a little boy probably around the age of four or so. The little boy grabs the bottom of his mom's dress and says "Look, mommy! That's the temple! I bet I could see Jesus in there cuz that's where he lives!" His mom laughed and said "Yes, honey, this is his house isn't it? Aren't you glad we are able to come here?"

#5: Saturday, after going to the temple, Bec and I ate at the Pizza Factory in Washington (which, by the way, was NOT very good compared to the Cedar City Pizza Factory! I will definitely be eating at the one in Cedar from now on). Then we went to get a frozen yogurt to share at Spoon Me. The yogurt was good. We got a bunch of fruit on it. Mm! My favorite yogurt place, Nubi's, in California where we went when Steph and I stayed with Amber and Dan is the best but this place was pretty good. The napkin Bec is holding says "Hey baby, my name is __________. I really dig your __________. Wanna Spoon Me?" and then it gives an "Oh yeah" option and a "Not so much" option. We thought that was funny.
This is me eating the yogurt. Apparently, I was really enjoying it huh? haha
Me and Bec at Spoon Me. This was a fun trip.
When we got home, all the sisters and I went to watch the Water Polo games at SUU and then I worked the Faculty Dance Concert again with Joe.
Sunday (today), I had to go to church alone because Stephanie was sick. :( I'm not a fan of going alone but it was ok cuz my dad was there and the meetings were all really good. Kasi Forsyth and Joy Joclyn spoke because they are both going on missions and Jace Oliverson got released from the bishopric. Brother Stephenson got put into the bishopric as the 2nd counselor. I will miss Jace but Bro. Stephenson is way cool so I know that he will do a great job. All the talks and lessons today were on overcoming adversity and trials and even though I'm not going through any big trials right now...I really loved all the talks and I felt like they were just what I needed to hear. The fireside was a CES broadcast where Elder Ronald A. Rasband spoke. He talked on righteous friendships and as I listened, I really stopped to think about the friends that I have and how I measure up as a friend to others. One thing that I really liked from his talk was a quote by Elder Neil A. Maxwell. He said, "Choose God first and finding good friends will be easy." I loved that. It was a good weekend.
P.S. My mom still has no voice!! I really hope it comes back soon! Sometimes it feels like the "sick cycle" will never end at our house! Honestly!

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