February 20, 2010

End of February Fun

Yesterday was way busy but loads of fun!
  • 8am-5pm consisted of work at the box office, school, and coaching a private swim lesson. I was running back and forth between my classes in the education building and work in the centrum about every hour because we had to do ticketing for the 2A State Basketball Playoffs. It kept me busy.
  • For my teaching reading class, I had to put on a reader's theater with my book group. It was fun! I got to wear monkey ears and make monkey noises in front of my whole class (which was embarrassing as all get out but the whole class was laughing including me). The other groups were fun to watch, as well.
  • 5pm I went shopping at wal-mart with my friends to buy stuff for our salsa/smoothie night + the institute dance which was superhero themed.
  • We bought material for capes and white t-shirts that we spray painted like the superman sign only with the letters of each of our names and we had tool capes in green and black.
  • 16 of us went and part way through the dance everyone got sick of their capes so they ended up being a big tutu for me! So awesome!
  • After the dance I was driving back to Tambrea's for salsa/smoothie night and....I got pulled over! I had on the tutu still and it was taking up loads of space and the guy let me off and told me to just not speed again and to have a fun night. haha

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