March 8, 2010

Good News...and Bad...

Good news for the day:
  1. MOM'S VOICE IS BACK!!!! Hallelujah!! haha but seriously.
  2. I got a 99 out of 100 on my topic teaching for Education Psychology
  3. I passed the CAAP test so I'm in the education program at SUU, officially! Boo Ya! (I actually found this out last week but didn't share that yet so there it is.)
  4. It was snowy when I left for class this morning and it looked like it would snow more but when I got out of class this afternoon, the sun was shining in full force! I love the sun.
  5. I finished my assignment online for Ed. Psy. on time and submitted it
  6. We learned about family history work at FHE tonight and now I actually want to get started on mine
  7. Also, we played "Do you love your neighbor?" at FHE and it reminded me of high school sign language days haha so fun!
  8. I realized I have 8 days 'til I leave for SPRING BREAK!!!! :)
  9. I created myself a pandora radio account! I'm in love with it now. Until I worked the other night, I didn't even know what it was and now...I'm infatuated with it hahaha seriously though, it's a super site!
Bad news for the day:
  1. Robert's Crafts is CLOSING! :( What the heck! I'm quite upset about this. How am I supposed to scrapbook now?? HOW?? :( :( :( :( Maybe tomorrow I'll go see how much stuff I can get on a limited amount of cash...

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