March 14, 2010

Witnessing Talents...

Something that will never cease to amaze me is the many talents of the people around me. This weekend I was able to witness the talents of a few people and it was so fun!
Friday afternoon, I went to Cedar High School to watch the track meet that Becca was running in. I never participated in track when I was in high school and I have never been much of a runner, so it is always fun to see how fast some of these kids can run. Becca ran the mile and seeing her run was awesome. Her main sport is swimming but she also participates in cross-country and track. She may not be one of the fastest people on her team, like she is in swimming, but she never gives up and she runs her best at every meet. She is so talented and I love being able to watch her run when she competes here in Cedar.
Friday night, I went with Amber and Dan Shoemake to a house party that Dan's band, 5ive.Sec.Hero., played at. The band consists of Leo Farnsworth, Dan Shoemake, Oshai Davis, and Brandon Baldwin. They played 5 songs at the party and sounded really great! It was the first time I had heard them before, other than the little bit Oshai and Dan played for Amber and I a few weeks ago, and I liked their sound a lot. Leo wrote the lyrics for most of the songs and I was amazed at the talent he has. I did choir with Leo in high school so I knew he could sing but the lyrics he wrote were really great. Another guy, Joe Livingston, played guitar and sang before 5ive.Sec.Hero played and he was really good too. Again, it is so awesome to see the talent people have.
Saturday morning, I had a swim meet for my junior swim team and I must say that I have the most talented group of kids there is ;) Honestly though, they are improving everyday and when we have a swim meet they put their all into every race. It amazes me everytime and reminds me how talented each of them really is. I have a kick-butt swim team!
Sunday morning, was great! We had fast and testimony meeting during sacrament and it was so great. The spirit was really strong today, loved it! But during sacrament meeting, Jordana Galvez and Mekelle Solomon did the musical number. Jordana played the HARP! so cool and Mekelle played the violin (which is cool too). They played a normal hymn but it was so beautiful! Then in relief society, we were combined with the 11th ward and Lauren Snow had 5 minute music. She sang a song she wrote herself called Hero. It was amazing! It was about scripture heroes and how we can be heroes too. I loved it. I've never heard her sing or play piano before and she did both today. The lyrics she wrote were great! I feel like her song should be on one of those church cds you could buy at Deseret Book. Church was wonderful today. I'm so glad I was able to be blessed by the talents of those 3 girls.
I love having the opportunity to witness the many talents of those around me. It reminds me that I need to keep working on finding my talents and cultivating the ones that I have...sharing them with those around me.

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