February 7, 2010


Mom: Has Swine
Collette: Has Swine
Dad: Had Swine
Who's next?!

If Swine Flu were a person, I'd write it a hate letter going something like this...

Dear Swine Flu,
LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE! We do NOT like you and you are causing all sorts of problems for everyone involved. You are not a fun time and you do not make us feel good. Plus, you scare those of us who haven't had you yet so just go away!
Liz Barclay

For those of you who don't know, my family was hit with the dreaded Swine Flu a few weeks ago. My dad was the first in the family to get it even though he was the only one to have the flu shot. Ironic, huh? Yeah, so a couple weeks later, my mom gets the Swine Flu and then Collette just a few short days later. As always, someone in our family gets sick right before some big trip we've got planned. So, my dad, Stephanie, Erin, and I were the only ones able to go watch Becca swim at the 3A state competition this weekend at BYU. Sad for that but Becca did amazing! Melissa and Grandma Barclay came to watch with us and we had a lot of fun!
On Friday Becca swam the 200 Medley Relay and the 200 Freestyle. Her relay team placed 2nd overall in the Medley and then she placed 6th overall for the 200! She got a medal for both! It was so awesome! After the meet, Melissa showed us this awesome Korean Restaurant called Fusion Asian Grill. Mm! We loved it! And my dad got to use his Korean a little to talk to the woman who owned it because all she spoke was Korean. It was great.
On Saturday Becca swam the 100 Backstroke and placed 4th overall, but, unfortunatley, she flinched on the start and they counted it as a false start and she was disqualified. We were sad about that but we know she'll do even better next year! She also swam the 400 Freestyle Relay and placed 6th overall.
It was fun to watch her swim. My sisters get better and better at swimming every year! It's awesome but too bad for me because they are continually kicking my butt!

In other news, I went on a date with Ben last Thursday before we left for State Swimming! I had such a good time! And kinda funny because I got his last letter from the mission right before he came over! He picked me up at my house and then we went to Top Spot to get vanilla ice. He had never had one so I had to show him what they were. I love them so much. So, we ate our vanilla ice while we talked for about an hour and then went to You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown at SUU. It was a pretty good play and it was fun being there with Ben. After the play, we drove around town for another hour just talking and then he took me home. It was a really good night. :)

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