January 19, 2010

Christmas and New Years

So I realized that I was going to write about Christmas and New Years and all the awesomely fun stuff we did at my house, but, alas, I never got around to writing about it so here goes! (This'll be short but definitely sweet)
Becca helped me make my bed over the break haha
Christmas Eve: We went to my Grandpa and Grandma Smith's house for the tradtional dinner and program. It was so wonderful! Lori and Lisa's families weren't able to make it this year, well, except for Patrick, so it was the grandparents, my fam damily and Patrick. It ended up being really great though! We had dinner catered by The Garden House (such a treat!) and we had such an AMAZING program full of the musical talents of every member of my family and soooo many spiritual thoughts and stories read by my grandparents and Patrick. Santa even came! haha Well, he dropped off bags of gifts at least and we got the best gifts out of that. All of us got remote controlled race cars and us, girls got Bearclaw slippers (basically the MOST comfortable slippers in the world)! So in a nutshell, that night was awesome, despite Patrick giving me wet-willies the whole evening. Yeah...talk about immature. haha

Christmas Day: Wonderful! We woke up at 8am and opened presents as a family. It was so fun! Mom and Steph gave us all the best presents this year; homemade quilts! Mine was so cool! It was made out of some of my SUU t-shirts over the years and it turned out soooo great and comfortable! My present to Collette rocked, too, pretty much. I got her a stuffed animal of Phineus and Perry, the platapus (from her fave cartoon show, Phineus and Ferb)! haha I got them at the Disney store at the mall and it was epic watching her open those! :) In addition to me getting the Wii Fit I'd been wanting (yay!) I got to spend the day with my family and stay in my pajamas the whole day. So, like I said, Wonderful!

New Years Eve: Rickie Warr came to watch "Sherlock Holmes" with us at the theater and then Becca, Collette, and Rickie went to the youth dance. Stephanie and I went over to Tambrea's house to spend a couple of hours with her. haha We ended up talking and then saying "yay!" at midnight and then continuing talking. It was slightly boring but I do love to talk. haha When we got home at 12:30am, the real party started! ALL-NIGHTER WITH THE SISTERS! This is a tradition we started last year...kind of by accident...and, well, it stuck. We were stocked with food, sugar, beverages, and sugar and we played games, had a fashion show, and laughed our heads off all night. I only made it until 6am but the rest of the girls stayed up till 8am. It was intense. haha My sisters are basically the best! I love spending time with them and wouldn't want to ring in the new year with anyone else!
Rickie, Steph, me, Bec, and Letta at "Sherlock Holmes"
My face after trying to stay awake for so long
Around 5am
Me with Bec eating a cheeto...
Around 530am
My sisters are fun
...After vegging out and staying in my pajamas for the whole break, it was back to school on the 4th of January. Sad but it really was a wonderful break!

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