December 21, 2009

Winter Break!

This last week started off my winter break so great! I was able to travel to Salt Lake area with a couple of my friends to go to another of our friends weddings and just to have fun. I was worried I wouldn't be able to go because of stupid car and money issues but after lots of prayers and everything working out perfectly in that area, I was able to go. Prayers really are answered :)

I drove up to Richfield on Wednesday morning to meet up with Tambrea Allen and Anne Marie Barton at Tam's new house there so that we could ride up together. I was actually right on schedule (which is new for me) so hooray! haha When I got there, Tambrea gave me a gift she made me...a paper countdown chain for when Ben gets home from his mission haha Oh Tambrea. She's funny. When Anne Marie got there we were on our way. I tried to fall asleep in the car but Tambrea kept hitting me haha so that was just impossible. Wednesday consisted of: 1) a lot of hours at the University Mall in Provo searching for gifts for people and this crazy Isreali kiosk guy trying to get me to buy this hair straightener that he was doing my hair with. Devin and Traci met up with us there. 2) Traci, Anne Marie, Tambrea, and I went to Traci's apartment in Provo where we stayed the night and had lasagna for dinner. 3) people came over for a Christmas party where we made gingerbread houses and had a white elephant gift exchange.

Melissa came over and we made a gingerbread house together!

Our house was the best! It was a boat house haha

Melissa and I just have way too much fun together. We flipped over the back of the couch and couldn't stop laughing the whole night. I loved it!

These are what everyone got for white elephant gifts:
Melissa got a barbie play set.
Amanda got a barbie manicure set.
Traci got a toothbrush.
Tambrea got a swimming medal.
Anne Marie got a Tae Boe workout video.
I got a "Refreshments are served upstairs!!" banner.

These are all the finished gingerbread houses.

On Thursday we woke up and got ready at Traci's after Tambrea and I made a quick run to Wal-mart. It was such a funny morning! Somehow the toilet got clogged so we tried to unclog it with a plunger while we were in our sunday dresses for Lynda's wedding that day. Luckily we moved the rug off the floor cuz the toilet started overflowing and oh it was a mess! haha We had to leave the mess for Traci and Johannah (their cousin) to clean up when they got home because we had to leave. It was the worst! We did end up leaving for the wedding, though, and got there ontime to see Lynda and Joe come out of the Draper Temple after being married. They both looked so happy!
Tambrea and me at the Draper Temple.

We have fun!

We had to kill some time in between the temple and the reception so we picked up Jessie Packard in Murray after we checked into a hotel in Midvale and headed to the Tracks station so we could spend the day in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun!

Jess, me, Anne Marie, and Tam with our group ticket for Tracks at the Fashion Place station in Murray.

The ride from there to downtown is about 30 minutes so we had a good time laughing and people watching. We saw one guy get on the train and he sat on the floor because he apparently couldn't find a seat. I look over at Jess and she is making a weird face while she stares at him so I look over and the kid is combing a barbie doll head that he had on top of a pencil with a miniture comb! It was the strangest thing! We couldn't stop laughing about it for the longest time!

We made it to downtown and first stop was Temple Square. We were sad we couldn't see the lights but it was still really pretty in the day. This is a picture of Jess and I acting out the nativity scene behind us haha

After walking around a while we went in the Church Office Building and had a tour of that and the view from the 26th floor. It was beautiful! When we came back down, we got a pic of all of us in front of the temple.

Then we went to the 10th floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and I got this picture.

Jess had fun with the nutcrackers outside of the restaurants on the 10th floor.

We finished up with Temple Square and then we got back on tracks to look for Mimi's Cafe to get hot chocolate. We never found it so we ended up settling for Starbuck's in the Gateway Mall. It was nasty. Then we got back on Tracks to head back to Murray so we could get ready for the reception in Taylorsville.
Tambrea and Anne Marie on the train.

Me and Jess on the train.

Anne Marie, Jess, me, and Tambrea at the reception.

haha after sitting at the same table for a while, this is what happens.

Lynda and her bride's maids.
Tambrea, Lynda, Lili Hollingshead, and Anne Marie.

After the reception was over, we all went to hang out with our friends, Mike Hunter and Justin Nelson, at Mike's house in Murray. It was a lot of fun! We played games and had hot chocolate (good tasting this time). Then Jess went home and we went to our hotel.

On Friday we had breakfast at the hotel and then got ready for the day. We decided to go see a movie at the dollar theater in Sandy so we got Justin and Mike to meet us there to go see "The Box." It was really cool cuz we only had to pay $1.25 to see the movie but it was so sad because the projector wasn't working and we ended up not being able to watch it. We were bummed! Mike and Justin took us to this way good place for lunch though called Zupas. It was so good! We had soup and sandwiches and these amazing strawberries that had chocolate and peppermint candy on them! After lunch we went to Justin's house and played a game then we drove back to Provo to pick up Traci and come home. It was a way fun trip!

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