November 29, 2009

I love Sundays

Sundays are great I think. Well, for a number of reasons actually:

1) they ALWAYS seem to include beautiful weather. It may be cold or hot or whatever but there is hardly ever any "bad" weather.
  • Like today, it was super cold (especially since I had to scrape off my car windows in a silky thin dress and 4 inch heels--which, I don't recommend to anyone) BUT after scraping off my car, the sun came out and it had that awesome smell of winter in the air. I LOVE the smell of winter. Not sure what it is exactly, but I like it.
2) sacrament meeting is always good. The talks are good and they always seem to be just what I needed to hear.
  • My mom came with Steph and me today because my dad was going to give one of the sacrament talks. That was fun.
  • All three speakers were really great! Melissa and Sarah Bertagnolli spoke before my dad and Melissa spoke on being personally converted and not living on borrowed light, while Sarah spoke on making family life better. My dad spoke after that on repentance and choosing the "best" things in life.
  • I love hearing my dad speak. He always tells me how he doesn't know how to say things in a way that people need to hear them but, wow! When he speaks, he knows exactly what to say and it amazes me the impact that it always has on me. Guess that's just another reason why I love him. He is so in tune with the spirit and he has such a strong testimony.

3) relief society is always wonderful!

  • We had combined priesthood and relief society today because of the lack of people due to the holidays. We were combined with the 16th and 11th wards because of that and a man from one of the other wards gave the lesson in that combined meeting. His lesson was on the hard economic times and how we, as members of the church, know that we will always have strong leaders no matter what and will lead us in the way of the Lord. His talk covered a lot of the things that we've been discussing in my personal finance class so I was quite proud of myself that I understood most of what he said concerning that. The thing that I loved most about it though was that it strengthened my testimony of the truthfullness of this gospel. It is not just a "sunday" religion. This church and my testimony of it influence every aspect of life and it is so comforting to know that even when the world around us is crumbling, the church still stands in the same place. The church is still true and if we are living righteously, we will be protected and strengthened to deal with adversity.

4) I get to relax!! Nuff said. haha

5) we have a fireside every sunday at 6pm.

  • Today, Brother McAfee of the institute spoke. He talked about truely feasting upon the word of Christ and knowing the scriptures. It was a great fireside and he was really funny!

That's why I love sundays:)

On an unrelated note...although, it did really make my day... It is amazing how a compliment from someone can brighten your day. They may not know it but that is the greatest act of service sometimes. "By small and simple things, are great things come to pass..." <---SO true. A boy in institute council with me, saw me at church today and as he walked past me he said, "Well, Liz! You look gorgeous today" and then he told me he hoped I had a good thanksgiving, smiled, and went to class. That was such a simple thing for him to do and it made me feel so great. I know that sounds strange but I needed that today. So THANKS to him:)

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