December 6, 2009


I love Christmas time! It's such a wonderful time of the year. The spirit of the season is in the air and everyone is in such a cheerful mood. It's great! Tonight was the First Presidency Christmas Devotional and it was so amazing. Anytime we have a chance to hear our prophet speak, it is a wonderful experience. They reminded us to not overlook the real meaning of Christmas this holiday and to keep the spirit of Christmas in our hearts throughout the year as well. It was wonderful. I'm so excited that Christmas is here already! It seems like we just had it. haha But I've already gotten some of the gifts for people this year...just have a few more to go:

This gift was for Tambrea and her roommates. Their couches remind me of grandma couches so I kept telling them I was going to get them doilies to put on the arm rests. And...voila!

This gift was for Tambrea. I saw these at the Depot Antique store across from the Main Street Park and just had to get it! It's a block of wood with a metal sheet that you can put a magnet on.

And this is the one I got Natalie!