November 26, 2009


November 20, 2009
Tambrea decided to make a Christmas book to send to Steve on his mission. The book includes pictures and a letter from lots of us that he hung out with before he left. So we thought he'd love a picture of his truck (which was a peice of junk) to send with it. Ha so we decided to randomly take a trip out to his parents' house to take some pictures of it at like...10pm. It's parked kind of off in the side yard so we kind of had to be a little sneaky about it. We debated for a while if we should go take pictures of it because we were worried his family would come out and catch us, especially if their dogs barked. So, to fix the problem, we called Derrick (Steve's brother) to see if he was home. He wasn't so this is how the conversation went:
Derrick: Hello?
Liz: Uh...Hi. Uhm, yeah we don't really need you anymore...uhm so uh nevermind?
D: Oh. Well, fine then. If you don't want to talk to me...
L: Ha! ok, well actually we have a question for you. Do you have dogs? That you keep in the backyard? Cuz if I remember right, you do.
D: Yes...
L: Well, ok. uhm, let's just say that, hypothetically speaking, some people were to be sneaking around your yard. Would your dogs bark and make your family come out?
D: Haha If you want to go take pictures with Steve's truck just go do it.
L: But will your family come out and wonder what the heck we're doing?
D: Just go knock on the front door and tell them what you are doing.
L: No! We don't want to do that.
D: Well, ok then I'll call Tim and tell him not to freak if he sees random people in the yard haha.
L: Thanks so much!

After that, we ran to wal-mart to get batteries for my flashlight and off we went! To our excitement, his door was even unlocked so we got inside! Oh it was super!

Natalie Wade, Tambrea Allen, and me with the truck

Haha we were so excited!
November 25, 2009
Thanksgiving Break Day #1
Kimmy called me to see if I would go to St. George with her to pay her car payment and go to the mall. So we went to St. George at about 2pm. It was so fun! We ran to Costco for my mom, ate lunch at In-N-Out Burger, and went to the mall. I love In-N-Out, first of all, and also, I got a cute new sweater, a new coat, and a hat! Kim got a hat too so we toook photos in the parking lot and...while driving haha and then blasted the N'Sync and Backstreet Boys music on the way home! I loved it!

Me and Kim Ball in our sexy new hats!
playing with the camera
Same day...
After I got back from St. George with Kim, I went to Carly's house to have a girls night. We made "rollo" cookies and then took some over to Joe Christensen's house (He told us they were excellent haha). We had fun making them! And they did taste pretty great, we put reese's peanut butter cups in some and rollos in the others. Mmmmm! When we got back from Joe's, we watched Serendipity with her sister, Chanel, and I just absolutely love that movie! So cute! It was a great girls night.
Me and Carly Anderson making cookies!

The finished product!

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