August 23, 2009

busy/fun days

wow. it's been forever since i've posted anything new. so to start, i got a haircut! it's short. i like it. it's actually starting to get pretty long haha. well, if you see it you won't think so but i can tell and i just know it is. in other news, school is starting tomorrow. wow. i can't believe it's already that time again! i'm excited for classes though. i have a new major (well, i will soon. i still have to go talk to the school.) and i'm super excited to get started on it. i've decided to do a double major of elementary education and special education. i love the special needs kids so much and i am so excited to think that when i'm done with school i'll be able to work with them. teaching the special olympics swimming team has really helped me decide my career path in life and i love it. so with a major change came class changes so my schedule is as follows: cpr, personal finance, education 2000, family life and human development, and book of mormon for institute.
oh! speaking of institute..i'm the new institute representative for my NEW ward (the university 29th ward). i'm looking forward to it. and maybe it'll help me to be more involved in institute this year and help me meet new people. the new ward will be fun too i think. we have some cute boys in our ward ;) haha and my dad just got put in the bishopric for it so i'm super excited to be going to church with my dad. he actually had to give me an interview today for the dedication of the oquirrh mountain temple in south jordan that is being broadcast today. that was a little different but no worries, i got the recommend so i'm going to the dedication at 230pm today! i'm stoked. this will be the second one of the summer for me. it's so wonderful to see the church expand and grow with the building of two new temples here in utah. i love it.
after the dedication i need to come home and write a letter! i feel horrible. haha i've been super busy lately and haven't gotten around to writing my missionary friend, ben, back. he's in france currently and he sent me a wonderful letter and a picture. :) i need to send him one now...with a picture. hmm. gotta find a good one i guess.
aside from being super busy, this week has been great! i was able to go to california with stephanie to visit amber and dan shoemake earlier in the week, two of my best friends moved back to cedar, and one of my friends came to stay the weekend. cali was a lot of fun! i have missed seeing amber and dan around cedar since they moved for dan's job in may so it was fun to see their cute house and stay with them. we drove to newberry springs, california last friday and got our first taste of 'desert living' haha just kidding. cedar is desert too but i'm definately a utah girl. amber and dan live in an association which is basically a small neighborhood surrounding a small lake. it's cute. on saturday we went shopping in victorville and had some amazing frozen yogurt with amber. on sunday we were able to attend church at a branch instead of a ward! it was a neat experience. that night we played games with dan's brother, steve and his wife, keauna. they are fun people. on monday we traveled 3 hours to valencia to go to six flags amusement park with amber and keauna. it was a lot of fun!
we rode about 6 rollercoasters and for having a 2 hour wait to get on each one, it was completely worth it! haha one ride we felt like we were flying over the park on our stomaches! another we had to stand up on! another we were dropped 30 stories! and another we were laying down backwards and our chairs were rotating around 360 degrees and on one part flames shoot out on each side of you! i loved them all! (despite how naucious i felt after each ride haha) on the 30 story drop ride (goliath) i took pictures! we were going so fast i felt like my arm weighed a million pounds as i tried to lift it up to take a picture but it was so fun. my favorite ride of the day was the last one i described and it was called the x2. i thought it would make me so sick but it was so intense and wild that there wasn't even time to think about getting sick haha. amber had her eyes closed the whole time on that one. after we left the park we ate the best italian ever. so good. we were exhausted! on tuesday keauna took us onto the lake with her boat and amber, steph, and i rode in the tube behind the boat. it was so fun! i screamed my head off and laughed so hard! and i only flew out of the tube once. on wednesday we had to drive home cuz steph had freshman orientation but we were able to stop by the vegas temple and look around and also stop at the korean market to buy us some kimchee to take home. :)

about an hour after we got home from cali, i was on the run again. natalie moved back! so i went to see her and then she came to becca's cross country meet with me and to dinner at costa vida afterward. it was fun seeing her! the next day, tambrea moved back! so after going to lunch with my mom at the glorious pastry pub and buying my books for school ($445 yikes!!), i went with natalie over to tambrea's. rachelle gotberg came that night to stay with me a few days so that night we had a hannah montana movie party! haha it was so fun. natalie also brought her roommates, chelsea and jessie and they are so fun! carly and danelle from the pool came too. it was a partay! the next day we all got together to have a smoothie and salsa party at tambrea's house before going to the institute dance. yum! so fun! saturday we were all psycho and woke up at 7am to hike the 'C' trail down cedar mountain. it was beautiful and fun but wow my leg muscles hurt today. but having smoothies afterward totally made up for the getting up early part haha. later in the day, chelle, katie gardner and i went to see post grad at the theater and it was really good. alyson and robert's wedding reception was that night as well so we all went to see them looking all pretty/handsome. haha chelle and i got them toilet paper, kleenex, hand soap, and air freshener for their present and wrapped it. it was the best. then to end the night, chelle went back home and tambrea, natalie, jessie, chelsea and i went to heidi eysser's to watch a movie with mike barney, heidi, and lonni little. the movie was lame. hot rod. don't watch it. haha well, i'm headed to the temple dedication:)

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