July 6, 2009

Swing Dancing, Bike Rides, Summer Nights, and S'mores

Today was a pretty swell day! I did work this morning at the pool and the box office this afternoon but neither were bad at all. Work at the box is usually pretty boring but today went by quite quick because Tambrea was in town and came to visit, as well as Angie. Tambrea got me all excited though to leave work because she text me and said she finally got a letter from our friend, Steve Starley (who is on his mission in Argentina) and I thought "Oh! Surely I will get one too." But, not today. Ha mail takes FOREVER! I did get Levi's and Joe's letters mailed out though so that is good. I'm starting to kinda get back in the swing of things as far as letter writing goes.

FHE tonight was a fun time! My group did swing dancing and had pizza. Tyler Juber is my FHE "dad" and he brought a few of his friends to help teach us to swing dance. It was interesting trying to learn when the ratio of boys to girls was 2:6. Tyler brought his swing partner and her friend and then his best friend, Taylor, to help teach. Woo baby, I got to dance with Taylor and I must say that he is quite the attractive one ;) haha so I had quite a wonderful evening at FHE. Not to mention the fact that I learned some cool moves.

After FHE, it was so beautiful outside! I decided to go on a bike ride with Collette and Erin around our neighborhood on my parents' old fashioned bikes. It was so fun! And roasting s'mores ended the evening quite nicely. It's been a good day.

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