July 5, 2009

Independence Day Weekend

For the 4th of July this year, we decided to stay the weekend at our cabin by Navajo Lake. It was so much fun being up there with just our family and even more fun that Grandpa Smith let us borrow the 4-wheelers. We left on Friday morning and stayed until Sunday morning. We ate great food, slept a lot, played games, watched movies, rode 4-wheelers, played horseshoes, and just had fun together. It rained a little bit while we were up there but other than that the weather was sunny and warm-just right for summer:) We were all way sad when we had to leave. It was a great weekend!

Bec, Steph, and I got to the cabin before the rest of the family so we went on a short walk around the cabin.

Collette climbing on the ladder we made for the fort about a billion years ago:)

This is from a ride Becca, Erin, Mom, and Dad went on. I like it a lot. Dad taking pictures and Becca posing on the wheeler. haha

Erin, Steph, and I went on a ride and had tons of fun.

haha Steph loves to do this face..and darn Erin HAD to put her hand in it.

This is our wonderful cabin or mountain home as my Grandma Smith calls it. I love being here.

Erin wanted all us girls to come help her fix up the fort that we started when I was younger. It was so fun! I love my sisters:)

My mom and I went on a 4-wheeler ride with Erin and dad. We saw a ton of deer..and cows.

And dad took pictures of them all with his new camera!

While hiking around the cabin, Erin found these leaves that feel so soft they are like rabbit ears. She just had to take them home.

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