July 8, 2009

My day OFF.

Awh the 1940's would've been so fun to live in! Not for all the war stuff but the clothing and the music and traditional romance (sigh). Tonight I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day with my family and it was so good! I loved it. The movie was fabulous and watching it with my family and then laughing and talking afterward reminded me how much I love each and everyone of the members in my family. They are so great and I honestly couldn't live without them. I'm so grateful to have been blessed with them.
Hmm, today has been a wonderful day OFF. Ha, well, for the greater part of the day. Carly Anderson worked my life guard shift this afternoon and I never have to work Wednesday nights so...SMILES:) I got most things done that I needed to, visited my Grandma and Grandpa Smith, saw my family, and took a well needed relaxation.
Things that happened today:
  • Work. Pool. 9-noon. BUT it was good cuz 1) My kids are cute on the pre and junior teams and 2) I got to work with Nate and Rachel, in my special olympics class, and I don't usually get to do that.
  • EXTRA long shower + curled hair.
  • Becca, Mom, and I visited the DMV to get Bec a new license cuz she lost hers. That's when I realized that I only have ONE year left until I get a new license and I can finally get a new picture for my ID since I totally look like a baby in the other one. Not to mention, I'll be the big 21. Weird. Haha
  • Insurance settlement is DONE from my car accident in 2007. Woo!
  • Bank. $$$$$ was put in my account from work. :)
  • A nice man at Tink's put new windshield wipers on my Jimmy so Mom and I took a trip to the car wash to test them out. *Perfect*
  • I layed down on the couch to watch some quality TV. Ha. Then I read a children's book about a dog wash in Spanish to the family, outloud. Haha greatest moment ever.
  • I ate Little Ceaser's Pizza with my Grandma Smith at her house while we talked about life lessons that I was so grateful to hear. It was wonderful. My grandma is such a beautiful lady and I love her so much. Also, Grandpa got home so we talked with him a bit before I left. He is an amazing man and I love him.
  • Home. Wrote a letter to Clint Averett (finally)-he's on a mission in Washington state, watched a movie with the family, laughed our heads off, and read scriptures. We have read every night since January!

Like I said, good day. Becca and Collette leave tomorrow on a plane to my Grandma Barclay's house in Bountiful for TWO weeks. I will miss them...haha no matter how much I tease them that I won't.

I leave in ONE day to stay with one of my best friends, Rachelle Gotberg! I'm so stoked! We are going to have tons of fun and we are also going to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house on Saturday! :)

Boo. Work. 9am-9pm. Tomorrow. Goodnight..

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