July 1, 2009

Pool craziness and missionaries.

Yay! I'm finally home after a VERY long 8 hour shift at the swimming pool. ----->
Pretty sure that on most days, I live there. BUT I do see some of the most random/scary/weird things and people there so it really keeps me entertained. Marianne Croft and I laugh forever about some of the stuff. Last night was great haha I saw:
  • a man with the back of his neck pierced..
  • a man that is 6'9" (taller than this super tall guy named Steven, who works at the pool too cuz he's only 6'8")
  • a man wearing a speedo plus he had a mullet
  • a man wearing a spammer (aka speedo/jammer)
  • a man with his toenails painted bright blue...hmmm
  • a very large woman wearing a camouflage monokini and a bandanna (awkward..)

Also, last night Lyn'D and I went down the slide a bunch of times at the end of our shift and were pulling the mats on the hydrotube when I noticed a baby bird struggling in the pool! We fished it out and performed rescue techniques and the bird lived!! We totally saved a life that night. Proudest moment of my life thus far. haha Love it! It was fun all in all. But sad news.. I'm peeling pretty hardcore on my shoulders and tops of my knees. Wonderful.

AHH! Chaise Warr just text me saying his farewell is on the 12th of July! That is so soon! I'll miss that kid for sure:( But I'm so excited for him to be going on a mission:) He's going to Wisconsin. Which reminds me, I have many letters to write to all my missionary friends! Better get going!

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