June 30, 2009

love for life

Haha so I guess I've decided to start a blog. Who knows how long it will last and what I will put on it but here it goes.

So far today has been pretty great in general. The weather is nice for the most part and other than the fact that I have to work all day, life is great. This is day two of coaching the swim team for the special olympics and I'm loving it. I love coaching my junior and pre teams as well but the special olympics class is by far the best. This is the first day I've ever met some of those kids and they already show me so much love. They have a love for life and look at it in such a wonderful way. Always ready to try new things and do their very best at it while having a positive attitude. If only everyone could be that way, huh?

Also, this last weekend I went to the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah, with some friends from school. I drove to Richfield with Kim Ball and we met up with Traci, Tambrea, and Johannah Allen then we got pizza and sat on blankets on the temple grounds to watch the pageant. It was so fun! Mike Barney, Wade Neilson, and Aaron (Wade's friend) met up with us. I loved it. Tam and I laughed our heads off sitting by each other during the pageant and someone kept throwing apples at Mike. haha After the pageant, all the girls stayed in a trailor on Tam and Traci's new property in Richfield-we stayed up so late talking and laughing! The next morning we attended the local single's ward and later had the opportunity to hear Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles speak at a fireside. His talk was great and we got to meet him and shake his hand! It was a fun weekend:)

Me and Tambrea waiting for it to start

Tambrea Allen, me, Mike Barney, Traci Allen, Johannah Allen, Allen cousin?, Kim Ball, Wade Nielson, Aaron..

The Manti Temple at night was so beautiful all lit up

The view from the blanket area

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