February 23, 2015


Last Tuesday, Dan and I got to have a date night while our friends played with our cute girl. One thing I really love about Dan is his ability to get me laughing... and I mean, really laughing! I swear, he says the funniest things in just the most hilarious ways and I die. Every. Time.

We went to see the new movie, The King's Men, and then Dan took me shopping for a few new things at Ross (He spoils me!). On the way home, we were chatting and then he spouted off some poem that just really kind of makes you think. I told him how impressed I was that he can memorize something that lengthy and deep! Seriously, he memorizes the craziest things! So he says, "Yeah, I have another one. Do you want to hear it?"

Still in awe at his abilities, I say yes, and he begins, "Roses are red, violets are blue..." and THEN, "When I go to the bathroom, it smells like poo!"

I was so caught off guard, after expecting some literary masterpiece, that I busted up laughing... and then I couldn't stop! haha Dan thought it was hilarious that I was so cracked up by his "middle school joke", as he put it, that we both just sat in the car, laughing ourselves to tears.

Lately, it seems that with Dan's new job and these graveyard shifts, we are on opposite schedules! He's working when I'm sleeping, and he's sleeping when I'm working. It's hard. But Dan always makes time for me. AND for Aurora.

She's become quite the daddy's girl lately and, of course, Dan is loving it... and so am I! It is the sweetest thing to see the love she has for him!

Everyday, I am grateful to have Dan as my partner in all things. My parents always told us that actions speak louder than words, and Dan's actions practically shout his love for me and for Aurora. I know I say it all the time, but I am so blessed to have him in my life.

Oh, and P.S. You remember those 70° days we had last week? Those have been replaced with beautiful snow and 40° weather this week! Welcome back, winter!

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