January 2, 2015

New Year; New Stuff

Let's talk goals. For this year, Dan and I decided to set some goals for our family. We sat down a few days ago and wrote out goals for different areas of our lives that we'd like to work on. It was great to actually sit down and talk with each other about how we think our life is going and what we can do to improve.

Our overall target? "Be a better you. Be a better us."

So I thought I'd write out our goals for our family and then some goals I have for myself. Maybe it'll help motivate me to "be a better me" if I have it set in writing! And public!

The start of our new year was a little rocky, as we awoke to an incident that made us question our goals as far as work goes for Dan and thus, our financial goals were also put up for question. I've found that there is a reason for everything and I think that the reason the incident played out this morning was to help us get the ball rolling on a new career goal and reaching our overall target; "Be a better you." Is the career path we're on now helping us to be better as individuals and as a family? In the long run is the career path we're on now going to make us happier and healthier; mentally and physically?

As the week plays out, we'll better be able to tweak our career/financial goals, but for now, the situation has helped remind me how lucky I am to be married to such a strong, respectable, and hardworking man. The start of this new year made for a long day for my Dan, but he never quit working and he never quit trying to better himself and his situation. He is always working to get us to a "better us" and I have no doubt that wherever our career/financial goals take us, he will lead us into it stalwartly.

That being said, we've broken up our family goals into categories. I'm leaving out our career/financial goals at this time, but I'll mention the others. And really, they all kind of go together.

2015 Family Goals

♥ Hold Family Home Evening every Monday night
♥ Pray as a couple & with Aurora each night
♥ Attend church (all meetings) every Sunday
♥ Attend the temple as a couple at least once a month

Which leads into...

♥Go on a date night at least once a week--just the two of us!

♥ Focus on sickness prevention and improving current health concerns
♥ Eat out less

Which leads into...


In addition to our list, I've got one that is specifically for me to "be a better me".

2015 Liz Goals

1. Read scriptures at least 10 minutes each day
2. Say prayers with Aurora each night to get her in the habit
3. Make smaller daily goals by setting a routine and stick to them... make each day productive!
4. Complete the daily walking challenge with my mom and sisters 

♥ I was asked to join the walking challenge by my mom. We have decided that while Collette is on her mission, we will walk "to Louisiana and back". That makes for a total of 3,387 miles in 18 months or 6.27 miles per day or 12,540 steps per day. Can we make it? If it doesn't kill us first!♥

5. Get organized. Period.

So wish me luck! This year I'm gonna do it! WE are gonna do it!

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the Youngs said...

you guys have some awesome goals for this year, i haven't even thought about it to much. i also LOVE your walking challange, your family is to cute and so creative!!!!