January 1, 2015

Last Hurrah of 2014

Ahh, 2014. Basically, 2014 was a fantastic year. Sure, it had its ups and downs but when I look back on 2014, I see 98% wonderful! And anything that fit in the other 2%, could be made up for with the fact that I got to spend 2014 with my amazing husband and my beautiful new daughter. And that, made for a pretty great way to spend my year... no matter what we had going on.

So what happened with the Johnson family on the last day of 2014, do you ask?

Well, Dan and I spent the morning working at Port of Subs while Aurora spent time with our friends, Shaun, Kara, and their cute foster daughter, in Hurricane. When we got off work at 3pm, Kara suggested that they keep Aurora a bit longer so we could have time to ourselves.

Uhm, one last date night in 2014? I'll take it!

So we headed to the theater, in our work clothes I might add (haha), to see a matinee of Mockingjay part I. It was SO good. I need to re-read the book. THEN we came home and Dan gave us BOTH haircuts!! haha

And he didn't even do too bad! He always cuts his own hair and he always looks so handsome, but I admit, I was a little nervous to have him cut mine. Girl hair is different, you guys! He sure did play it up too... the whole time he joked about making mistakes and kept saying "oops!" <--- definitely="" don="" font="" hear.="" something="" to="" want="" you=""> But, in the end, it looked really good. I'll take it. Goodbye, 3 inches of hair!

Around 8pm, we went over to meet Shaun and Kara and see our sweet baby girl at their house. Our friend, Mike Nessen, came over too, as well as a few of Shaun's siblings. And we spent the rest of the evening eating food and playing games to count down to the new year. It was fun!

2015 came in quick! And Dan and I both got to spend a bit of time video chatting with our parents and siblings in Cedar... after having our new year's kiss, of course! haha

Aurora was a trooper and stayed up to help us ring in 2015, so we got to take our first family picture of the year! Happy New Year, everyone!

Oh! And it even snowed! *Love it!*

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