July 5, 2014

Sweet Potatoes

I'm glad it's been such nice weather around here as of late! It's been wonderful to be able to go outside with our little family and have some fun.

This morning was the road bike race in Cedar and Dan volunteered/got volunteered to help Jeremy run the booth for Tropical Smoothie Cafe at the park for the event. So when all the kids got up, Kaela and I loaded them up in the strollers to walk to the Main Street Park to meet up with the boys.

We got there around 11am and ate lunch on the lawn as we listened to the announcer shout out the names of the cyclists coming in from their 100K bike rides! I was amazed that they could go that far so fast... AND riding basically all uphill through the canyon. It was great to witness. The top people were coming in at close to 3 hours time!

After a while, we were all getting kind of hot and decided to see if the splash pad at Festival Hall was on. It wasn't. So we walked toward home, after deciding we'd get the kiddie pool out when we got there.

When we arrived home, Dan left for work at Ernie's and Kaela found out the kiddie pool had a hole in it. BUT Aurora and Jack were already in their swimsuits sooooooo....

We went swimming in my bathtub instead!! haha

Aurora has learned to splash as of today so that was cute and fun and Jack entertained the two of us, ladies, with his made up song "I'm swimming! I'm swimming! Swimming swimming swimming! ..." and a great rendition of  the primary song, "Book of Mormon Stories". I had to set a timer for that boy to get out or else I think he'd still be in there! haha

Me: "Ok, Jack. I'm going to set the timer for 10 minutes and then when it goes off, you have to get out and go home."
Jack: "No, not 10 minutes!"
Me: "Ok, I'll set it for 15 minutes but that's it."
Jack: "NOOOOO!! Set it for 11 minutes!"
Haha well, alright. I set it for 11. That kid.

When Jack went home, Aurora took a short nap and then we went to visit Dan at work. Aurora loves seeing daddy at work! It's so cute.

The rest of the night, involved:
~ watching Harry Potter 1 & 2... again. Yup... those are my go-to films. Therefore, I can quote almost every line and I'm not even ashamed.
~ reorganizing all my kitchen cupboards and drawers. I'm sick of not being able to find anything.
~ and playing with Aurora on the floor/couch. She loves it when I dance bobbing my head side to side with my tongue out and sing made up random songs haha Who knew I was so entertaining and hilarious??
~ also, we tried some sweet potatoes tonight! She liked it pretty alright but she mostly just liked playing with the spoon!

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