July 4, 2014


One word that sums up our Independence Day festivities?


And I must agree with everyone when I say that holidays are DEFINITELY more fun with kids!
I'm sure it'll only get more fun with each year.
There's just something about watching them experience everything for the first time that's so... magical.
I love it!

Plus, we got to dress her in TWO adorable outfits that just screamed "patriotism and extreme cuteness".

So, of course, I took the opportunity to photograph her for her sixth month pictures.
Which, I will not post today... BUT don't be sad! I'll post them in just five short days!
I can't believe our baby will be six months in five days! Gahh!
Seriously, she gets cuter every day.

Every. Single. Day.

I mean, hello.
She sits up on her own now and grins about every time anyone looks at her.
How cute is that??


Today Dan worked from 6am-2pm so Aurora and I walked over to the parade with Kaela + kids, her mom, her grandpa, and Cody.
Jeremy was in the parade for Quizno's passing out fliers and Collette, Erin, and Steph were all riding on the firetrucks with Collette's bf, Kurtis's family. It was fun to watch them!
AND Jack was adorable at the parade! That kid loved every minute of it!

This was Aurora's first parade so I took her out of her stroller and held her up where she could see everything.
At first, she was so enthralled with watching and listening to everything that was going on on the street, but halfway through, she was out like a light.
She snoozed right up until part way through the firetrucks and then woke up just in time to see her aunties wave at her from the truck!

Then she and I went down to the park to meet up with everyone and I ate a hamburger while she played on her blanket in our spot in the shade under the flagpole.
She was so fun! She played with toys and grinned up a storm in her cute little hat as we listened to the patriotic tunes and broadway music being sung on the stage.

My sisters met up with us after they grabbed some lunch and we wandered the park before saying hi to Dan's brothers and sisters again and heading home.

At 2pm Dan got home from work and we all took a very long MUCH needed nap before going over to Dan's mom and dad's house for a small barbeque.
Dan played with the goats and they climbed all over him. It was hilarious.

Then we ended the night, watching the city firework show out on 2300 West.

It has been a fantastic day!

Happy Fourth, everyone!!

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