June 16, 2014

I know, I know

Hmm... soooo... basically, a TON of stuff has happened since my last post sooo you're probably all thinking, "Get it together, Liz! We can't always do these catch up posts! They're super long and you overload them with pictures!"

Well, to that, I say, "I know. But I'll try to make it quick!" haha

June 7
Was my dad's birthday.

We started the day watching the rest of the Summer Games Horseshoe tournament. Dad did good and Erin got medals! Fun stuff! Dan worked for part of the day but got off early and we went to feed ducks in Parowan (where my dad, also, caught a fish with his bare hands!) and then went fishing at the Lake on the Hill with my dad, mom, Erin, and Collette.

Happy birthday, Dad!!

June 8
Dan had to open up Ernie's so I got a small taste of what it would be like to have 3 children by myself during sacrament meeting since Jeremy and Kaela were speaking and I had Aurora + Jack and Harlie. I'd say I did fairly well, buuut I was very glad when Dan finally got there! haha That stuff is hard work by yourself!

We then headed over to watch Collette speak in sacrament in my home ward and then spent time with Dan's family where Aurora got to meet Grandma Candace and Grandpa Stubby's new baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats. She was fascinated by them! AND I'll admit that they are kind of cute.

We finished out the night with a dessert potluck at my family's. Lots of fun but oh so sugar loaded! We tried to calm the sugar rush by playing horseshoes, swinging, and playing with Bec and Alex's dog, Tech.

June 9
I took Aurora to the doctor's bright and early for the stupid cough she's had for weeks. He thinks it's allergies but it could be the beginnings of Asthma... I hope it's just allergies but we'll see... for now, she's on a regimen of children's benadryl and humidifier.

Dan also got his blood test results back from his doctor visit. Low in vitamin D and he's on Prednisone for 5 days. Hopefully we can figure out the issue... so far the medicine has worked about 75%... ehhhh...

When Dan got done with work, we hung out over at Jeremy and Kaela's house and Tasha and Amos were there with their kids so we visited for a bit. Jack and Andrew played with Aurora (haha so cute).

Amos and Tasha left, then Dan went to help his dad, Steve, build a chicken coop with Jeremy, so Kaela and I went to the store and then took the kids to the library. We read books and hung out in the children's section + signed them all up for the summer reading program. Kaela and I thought we'd better start right away on ours by fulfilling one of the adult options to "Watch a movie based on a book." So when the boys got home, we ate pizza and watched The City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments Series because Dan, Kaela, and I have all read it... Yeah, well, as per usual, the movie was horrid! Basically the only things it had in common with the book were the characters and the title. We did, however, have a good time laughing at how dumb it was. haha

June 10
I had an interview at the school district for the 2nd/3rd grade position at North Elementary. I felt like it went really well! They asked how I'd integrate subjects with their school being a STEAM school, what classroom management techniques would I use in my classroom, what the major components of a good literacy program are, how I'd differentiate instruction (next time I'll answer this one a bit better, I think), and how I feel about collaboration within my grade team. I wasn't quite sure what they'd ask me, so Dan asked me a whole slew of questions he thought might be a factor before and I think that really helped to get me thinking so when the actual questions came, I was ready! (He's my biggest supporter!)

I found out the next day that I didn't get the job because they needed someone with more experience because of the nature of the position being a split class but the principal informed me that that was their only hang back about me. He said I was a top pick and he had no worries that I'd be able to get a job teaching.

I was a little disappointed but I know that there must just be some other plan for our family at this time. Heavenly Father must have something better in the works!

After my interview, I went to The Taste of Home Cooking School with my mom at the Heritage Center. We had a blast! A chef showed us how to cook 10 new recipes and they gave away tons of prizes. Well, guess what? I won one of the dishes she cooked during the show AND the cool pyrex dish that it was cooked in! I never win anything! haha It was yummy stuff! Plus, it was great to be able to spend some one-on-one time with my mom-I sure do love that lady! Also, we saw Denise Whittier there and she sat with us, so that was really fun to see her (she used to work with us at the swimming pool... and, coincidentally, she is the wife of the principal who interviewed me just earlier that day haha)! Wonderful weeknight activity.

June 11
Was actually pretty uneventful EXCEPT that Aurora decided to sit herself up all the way while seated in her bouncer on the counter! haha I'm glad I had that naked diaper baby buckled in!

Also, we watched Walking Dead with Kaela... we're on season 4! Almost done! ...for now! I honestly thought I'd hate that show, but I found that I actually kind of love it.

June 12
Dan and I went to horseshoe league at 6pm and Aurora got to play with Becca's cute little niece, Hayden. Then I went to the Utah Summer Games Opening Ceremonies at SUU with Erin. We walked around the track with the athletes (ours being the horseshoers! Jr. league!) which was way fun and then listened to the Beatles tribute band that performed on the football field.

Dan was over with his family on the grass near the stadium so just before the fireworks were supposed to happen, I ran over to get him and we came in to find a little spot where we could watch the fireworks together. As we were laying there on the grass all cuddled up, watching the beautiful fireworks show, we realized that it was 4 years ago, around this same time, that he asked me to be his girlfriend! I'm so glad he did! It was kind of fun to reminisce... I love that man!

After the fireworks finished, Dan and I went over to pick up Aurora at my parents' house and we stayed there chatting until 12:30am. haha

June 13
Friday the 13th AND a full moon! PLUS my mom's birthday!

I walked 4 miles with Aurora in the stroller (go me!). We went to visit daddy at work, then headed over to visit my long time friend, Amber, and her cute kids, Chloe and Talon. Chloe was so cute with Aurora. Such sweet little girls!

Then we visited my mom, Cole, and Erin for a bit (Happy birthday, Mom!) and went to the library with her before she took us home. Dan ended up working until 7:30pm (poor guy and his 13 hour shift) and then going camping with his brothers and Jack out at Three Peaks so Kaela, Harlie, Aurora, and I had a girl's night.

We finished season 1 of The Following (creepiest show!) and then after putting the little ladies to sleep, Kaela and I stayed up chatting until 4am! It was actually really great. I've come to really love having Kaela as a neighbor, friend, and sister-in-law.

June 14
Aurora and I slept in and then snuggled for a bit. She's so cute! I'm so lucky to be her mom. Then we cleaned the house and watched movies while daddy was still gone camping.

At 5pm Dan's mom and dad took Dan and I out to dinner at Chili's and Kaela watched Aurora. We had yummy chicken fajitas and had a fun time. When we got home, Dan worked on this bbq table project he's doing so Aurora and I watched him sand down the boards for awhile before we all went inside.

We finished out the night watching Fight Club (which I finished today... weirdest movie! haha) and eating smoothies from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. YUM!

June 15
Father's Day!

I woke up early and made blueberry muffins for Dan (they're the only things he asked for) then woke Aurora up so we could give daddy breakfast in bed before church! Aurora and I had also made him a cute card the day before using her footprints and paint + 10 notes using her handprints and paint to say 10 reasons we think he's the best dad. They turned out great but most are smudgy since babies are not as cooperative with paint on their limbs as you'd think haha Dan loved it though!

After church we went out to his parents' house to spend time with Dan's dad, Steve. Dan made grilled cheese hamburgers for everyone (a hamburger patty between two grilled cheese sandwiches) and they were delicious! HUGE but delicious!

Poor Aurora was having major allergy problems and ended up gagging and barfing all over before we left... so Dan and I gave her a quick bath in Grandma Candace's tub before heading over to see my family.

At my family's everyone was there, including Grandpa Smith and Collette's boyfriend, Kurtis Cox (or Kurgis as we all lovingly call him haha). We had chicken, green bean casserole, funeral potatoes, salad, and croissant rolls + green jello with whipped cream for dessert.

It was a fun day of celebrating the wonderful men in our lives. And when I say 'wonderful', that's an understatement!

Happy first Father's Day to the love of my life and best friend AND to both of our amazing fathers!

June 16
That's today!

I'm not quite sure all that our day holds so far but I'm hoping it will be great!

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