June 20, 2014

Among Other Things

Lately as I've rocked Aurora to sleep, I've started to sit there just holding her in my arms as long as possible before I put her in her crib. I hold her hand and I rub her soft skin as I stare at her.
I just stare at her.

People! She is beautiful! AND she's growing so fast!

In a short 19 days, we will have a 6 month old! HALF A YEAR!!
I sometimes wish that life had a pause button so I could take in as much time as possible from each moment because, wow, they are each so amazing!

Being a mom is the best thing!

The next-best/almost-equally-as-best thing? If... that's a thing... haha is being a wife!
To THE most wonderful man I have the pleasure of calling my best friend.

Dan is such a blessing to me. He is a fantastic dad and it's so fun to watch Aurora's eyes light up and see a huge smile come across her face every time she's around him. She absolutely adores him.

Life with him is a joy. He makes me laugh, he treats me like a queen, and he makes me feel loved every day.
Among other things. A very LONG list of other things.
How'd I get so lucky?  ♥

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