May 19, 2014

Taking Stock

I should be sleeping. It's 4:10am. Buuuut... Aurora woke up to eat a little 3am snack and, so, here I sit.

I got distracted with some blog-stalking on my phone while feeding her and found this fun post from The Day Book and decided to join in on my own.

Plus, also, add in some photos from our day yesterday. We had a beautiful Sunday filled with church meetings complete with messages I know were meant for me specifically; an afternoon of marathon-Dominos-playing (Mexican Train style) with Dan's family and a little bit of book reading with two beautiful girlies sitting on my lap (Aurora and Harlie); an evening of seminary graduation for my sister Collette (still can't believe she's almost done with high school!); and a fun night full of giggles with my two favorites, Dan and Aurora.

Taking Stock//
Making: a memory in blog form with this quicky-spur-of-the-moment-late-night-feeding post
Cooking: nothing. Sadly. I'm hungry...
Drinking: water water water
Reading: The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. Young Adult Fiction is always, always the best!
Wanting: a trip to the swimming pool this week
Looking: at a computer screen when I should be sleeping
Playing: 2048. Completely addicting
Wasting: sleep
Wishing: for a pre-summer, summer vacation
Enjoying: my family
Waiting: for morning to come ONLY so that I can start a load of laundry. I'd do it now but our neighbor upstairs doesn't really appreciate our washer running all night... how rude of her. Late nights/middle of the nights are my get-crap-done time haha
Liking: the silly antics of my hubby and the way he makes me laugh ♥ 
Wondering: when we should start our garden
Loving: that Aurora now blows spit bubbles/buzzes her lips together. It's, basically, the cutest thing ever
Hoping: we all get to sleep in 
Marveling: at all the wonderful things & people I'm surrounded by
Needing: a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Smelling: absolutely nothing.
Wearing: black leggings. I need more of these things!
Following: my late night decisions
Noticing: that the ants who still live in my kitchen, never seem to sleep... or leave my house...
Knowing: that I'm in charge of my own happiness
Thinking: about what adventures will be had tomorrow. Dan's got a day off work!
Feeling: peaceful
Bookmarking: 30 day work out challenges (one day I'll get around to finishing the one I'm currently on haha) and DIY home decor ideas
Opening: my fridge. Always with the same results of nothing good inside. Sad.
Giggling: when I hear Aurora laugh. It is dang cute! You can't help but laugh with her!

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