June 12, 2013


Tuesday was probably one of the greatest days! BUT I guess, to get the full impact of the why, I'll have to rewind a bit to Mother's Day.

Why Mother's Day, you ask? Well, that was the day we found out that we would have a wonderful new addition to our family! I took a pregnancy test a couple of weeks previous and got a negative so we decided we'd try again on Mother's Day. I woke up before Dan that morning and snuck off to the bathroom then waited the suggested 2 minutes (longest, most nerve wracking 2 minutes of my life!). I smiled with excitement when I saw that little positive and I snuck back into the room with the results where I sat next to Dan on the bed and creepily stared at him until he noticed I was there haha I gave him a kiss good morning and handed him the test. That woke him up! He sat up and then a huge smile came to his face and he gave me another kiss and a big hug! He was so excited! WE were so excited! We were going to be parents!! Happy first technical Mother's Day to me! haha

We decided we'd keep the news to ourselves until after my first doctor's appointment (which was SUPER hard seeing how we visited both our moms/families that day). We did tell my parents that following week though so we could ask some questions and since I'm on their insurance. They were so excited! (This will be their first grandbaby!) BUT we swore them to secrecy too until after the appointment. 

Which brings us to Tuesday! Waiting for that appointment was probably the longest wait of my life! I went to the appointment at 2:30pm and filled out the paperwork before they took me in. At 3pm, I was put in the room to wait for Dr. Gatherum and they handed me a gift bag with some new mom goodies (magazines, books, formula, ect.). I was nervous because it didn't really seem real yet and I didn't know what to expect AND right as the doc came in he was called into a delivery so I waited again. Finally he came back in and I asked him some questions (like if it'd be a good idea to go to Ireland in October with Dan's grandparents for free... it wasn't. Dang. haha) and THEN the nurse came in and they gave me an ultrasound!

It was just about the coolest thing ever to see something... someONE inside me and to hear the doctor say "There's your baby" and then even cooler to be able to hear it's sweet little heartbeat! ♥♥ It sounded like a hummingbird, it was so fast! (177 BPM) I wish Dan could've been there to hear it! He was working at the time so I had to meet him afterwards.

When I left they gave me the pictures of our cute little blob (hehe), I set an appointment for July, and then I hurried off to see Dan at his mom's house. Dan LOVED seeing the pictures and hearing about the heartbeat (he's the cutest dad-to-be). Then we told his family. They were SO excited! Candace cried and they all gave us hugs. So fun! Then we headed to my family's house to show my parents and tell my sisters. Talk about excitement! This baby is going to be SO spoiled by all it's aunts. My sisters have only been telling me they want a niece or nephew for just about forever haha

To celebrate, we went to dinner at Sizzler with both our parents. It was so fun! I hope we can be as great of parents as the ones who raised both of us. We are so blessed to have them! Lucky our kids will have them as grandparents.

After dinner we called our grandparents and some other family members. SO AWESOME. I loved hearing all the screams and excited laughter from everyone! Our baby is seriously going to be loved and spoiled. ♥ We love all of you guys!!

♥ Baby Johnson will be arriving January 2, 2014 ♥


The Jackson's said...

I am SO excited for you and Dan!! Your baby (I'm guessing girl) is really lucky to have your parents as grandparents! Congratulations!!

Kristen said...

HOW EXCITING!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are going to be such a cute mom!!

Lauren Budge said...

Congrats cute girl!!! Being a mama is seriously the best!!

Alyssa Kaylee said...


Sammy said...

Yay congrats that's so exciting!

Melissa said...

love love love this post!!!! seriously liz, you and dan are so cute and gonna be great parents and i also can't wait to spoil the heck out of this baby!! haha