June 11, 2013

Summer Arrived

Summer is in full swing around here! Sunny skies, warm weather, swimming almost everyday (we love our pool), cabin trips, cub scout day camps, movies/JustDance in the backyard, sleeping under the stars, and road trips. It's great!

ALSO, Dan got a new job at a place called IPS! Yay! They do plastic welding and other hands on stuff with tools (haha descriptive, right?). He loves it! He's learning new skills and he feels like he gets to "play" all day. It's a good job for him and just what we needed. He still does a bit of landscaping on the side but we just needed something new. He works from 7am-3:30pm Monday thru Friday so the hours are awesome and I love seeing him come home from work so happy and proud of the work he's doing.

In other news, I've started to teach private swimming lessons again. I was doing them at our pool but that got the kabosh so I'm over at SUU. I have three kids: Ryker Weeks (7), Crue Peterson (5), and Cooper Peterson (4). They're so great! Thanks, Blair, for letting me crowd your pool! haha

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