April 29, 2013


Sorry, folks, but InstaTuesday has been moved to Monday because I need to get all my blogging done today since we'll be internet-less for a little while. At least at my house. Maybe I'll make a weekly library trip and start blogging about my life once a week. I think I'll do that. I mean, this is my journal of sorts. It has to be done. The library and I will become BFFs. Boom, baby!

With that, here is InstaTuesday...the 'Monday' way:

/I tried to organize last week... it sort of worked... but not really. I hate organizing./

/Since I'm out of school, I've been going to work with Dan and helping him landscape on occasion. I totally planted this bush all by myself! I was way proud. I don't usually like to get dirty haha but it's been nice to see what Dan does and to spend some time together/

/After landscaping all day, we went over to Jeremy and Kaela's house to do hobo dinners. Amos and Tasha were there with Andrew and Sarah (cute girl in the purple) and Cody, Caleb, and Christina came too. Dinner was yummy and it was lots of fun! Harlie and Sarah were so fun to hold and snuggle all night!/

/I saw this super cute sign at the 25 Main booth at The Culinary Festival in St. George on Saturday/

/Rocky Ridge Landscaping Rock gave out chocolate rocks at The Garden Home Show on Saturday. They tasted yummy!/

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