March 6, 2013

Yeah, This is Going to Happen

Guys, you have to check out this blog--A Beautiful Mess. They basically have great tutorials and super cute home decor ideas. I love it! It's quickly become my favorite blog to read. I mean, look at how cute this idea is! She hand painted this statement wall in their bedroom. Yeah, amazing. I wonder if Dan would go for it in ours...? hehe

Speaking of Dan, tonight was fun. We had kind of an at-home-date-night. We went to Sonny Boy's Barbecue and got the sampler for two, of course, with our two sides of fried cauliflower. To. Die. For. Pretty much. Then we cozied up on the couch to watch 50 First Dates. I forgot how much I love that movie!

I love spending time with my man ♥

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Kristen said...

We are kinda obsessed with the sampler for two at Sonny Boys. Sooo yummy!!