March 5, 2013


So, ever since I got my new phone, I've been completely obsessed with Instagram. Seriously, it's a problem. Sooooooo, I figured I'd start doing "InstaTuesdays" so I can log them all, weekly, in one place! I'm excited!

/This is my first ever post on Instagram. I worked the 2A Basketball Championship games at SUU and it was PACKED!/

/Couldn't help but take a picture of this little cutie, Logan. I was able to babysit him for one of my old managers, Alicia, at the movie theater. He was so fun!/

/Soooo, this is what comes from having no food in the house, having your sisters stay with you two weekends in a row, and being a slob. 4 boxes of pizza and a box of wings. Yeah./

/Told ya we had no food./

/3rd post in a row about food. I know. These are the snacks we take on road trips to St. George for date night/

/I can't get enough of the way those red rocks look when the sunsets./

/After church one Sunday. I love those earrings./

/The other night, Dan was putting in a new shower-head for our guest bathroom and I tried to take a pic with him... I ended up in headlock. haha/

/After many days of snowy, overcast skies, I was glad to see that blue again./

/My first ever Blue and Gold Banquet. It was fun/

/These were the cutest idea! Gotta love the primary presidency!/

/Basically, my brother-in-law's iguana is freaky. But you knew that.../

/We took our truck to Wet Willy's to be washed and vacuumed out. It looked like a brand new truck! haha BUT then today, it crapped out on us. Yeah, it better work again tomorrow or I might scream/

/I have the cutest nephew. No contest./

/I've decided that I have the best mom ever. I have short lunch periods at the high school so she had lunch all made for me when I got to her house. Homemade Chicken Taco Soup (yum!) and a homemade apple cake! Best!/

/Went pants shopping with my cute sister and ended up trying on random accessories and boots at Rue/

/Told ya we tried on boots!/

/I have a new cleaning schedule. It's keeping my house clean and I love it!/

/Found a new fave Netflix series! Parenthood! Watch it!/

/Played some basketball on our court finally! I had so much fun with Dan in the nice weather/

/We decided to try out the Duraflame logs since they were on sale... Yeah, they suck BUT it sure is cute and cozy to have a fire in our fireplace!/

/Melissa came to visit for a day! It was so fun! We made videos, sang, played with Becca's cat named Cat, ate ice cream, annoyed Dan with an overwhelming amount of girl (all the sisters including Christina stayed at my house), and laughed A LOT!/

/I took these beauties to church with me on Sunday. Be jealous!/

/Sunday with my cute sister, Collette. I think boys should ask her to the prom./

/My parents only had this vehicle for most of my life so excuse me if I have to remind myself every time I see it in the high school parking lot that they sold it!/

/I cannot get enough of this boy OR his freckles. I'm so lucky!/

/Yesterday we went on a quick and spur of the moment road trip to Monroe, Utah, to pick up blood from the Red Cross for Dan's courier business. It was fun to be together/

/The sunset was amazing on the way to Monroe/

/I made up a game to pass off a wolf achievement for cub scouts tonight! We had fun! Thanks for helping me out, Cole!/


Kristen said...

I am so happy you have joined the insta club

Alyssa Kaylee said...

LOVE IT! Soooper jealous.