February 26, 2013

Life in Pictures

Life has been going so fast lately, I can't even keep up to post!

Recently, I've...

-Switched from my 1st student teaching placement (2nd grade) to my 2nd student teaching placement (high school resource). High School is OK, but I'm sure missing the little ones! I'm definitely an elementary girl! On my last day, they wrote me sweet notes all over the whiteboard and gave me a book of notes and pictures they drew. I loved it! Best 30 days of college in all 6 years ♥

-Had 2 weekend sleepovers with my sisters. Complete with movies, caramel popcorn, makeovers (Erin can pull off Ke$ha quite well, right?), late nights, and laughter

-Had a very sweet, romantic dinner date night for an early Valentine's with my wonderful husband. He made me salmon and homemade alfredo with breadsticks and salad. Then we had cheesecake for dessert. He even decorated the table. It was amazing. HE'S amazing ♥

-Now been a scout leader for a whole month. Dan's been so great to help me and my dad was a great sport to help me with human foosball (and play!). It's been great fun so far! AND tonight, I went with Dan to my first ever Blue and Gold Banquet. Dan even got a badge for going on the Klondike with the boy scouts.

-Went to see the musical, Chicago, with Collette at the university on actual Valentine's Day. It was a good sister date

-Attended Dan's Great Grandpa Leany's funeral in St. George. It was a beautiful service. I only knew him a short time but he had a lot of people who loved him and he lived a long and wonderful life. He had a military graveside service and it was really cool to hear the taps being played and the flag displayed. It was also a lot of fun to be able to see all of Dan's family. I love them!

-Babysat this little sweetheart for my old manager at the movie theater, Alicia. We ate Ritz Crackers, played cars, danced to the "Toddler Tunes" Pandora station, painted with water, attempted to watch The Tale of Despereaux, and ran around the house.

-We sold Jimmy (sad) and bought a new truck for Dan that has lower miles and a better engine. It's nice! We're currently selling the white truck we have so I can get a car! I want one so bad!

-Had dinner dates with our friends. On Saturday, we had a dinner and games date night in St. George with our friends, Shaun and Kara, and 5 other couples. It was so much fun to meet some new couples! Then on Monday night we had Laura and Seth over for dinner and games at our house. We went all out and had salmon and chicken! Then we played games and played with their cute little guy, Kaden. He's so cute and chubby! (Makes US want a baby! haha)

Life's been pretty good!


Alyssa Kaylee said...

You've been busy! Haha I like the chin picture.... hawt... :D

Kristen said...

Love updates like these! And why don't you jump on the baby train already!? You would have some cuties ;)