January 28, 2013

Worst Ever

Oh! Good morning! Or should I say, "Are you freaking kidding me?!"
It's a beautiful, F-F-F-FREEZING Monday morning here at 6:06am. This girl doesn't have to be awake to get ready for a very long school day until at least 6:30am but at 5:45am when Dan left for work, my body and brain decided it was time for me to get up.
I tried to go back to sleep. I shut off every light in the house. I curled up in my blanket and shut my eyes. I tried SO hard to go back to sleep. If only for another 30 minutes. But my brain was like "Ain't gonna happen, Liz!" in a mean, country-western voice... I'm serious!
You'd have a hard time sleeping too if you were trying to go back to sleep for a few precious moments and your brain was on instant replay of ONE PART of the horribly sad song of Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss because you heard it in the car last night on your way home from Sunday dinner at your parents. I mean, COME ON!!
It's official. I hate that song now.
I guess this is punishment for procrastinating writing my lesson plan on animal life cycles until last night when it was due today. I thought staying up til 1am to finish it and then having to wake up at 6:30am was the punishment but noooooooooo.
Kill me. It's going to be one long day. Plus, it snowed like a foot. Wish me luck.

In other news, I got a calling yesterday! I'm the new cub scout leader for our ward!
For those of you new to scouting since you only have sisters like me, cub scouts is the 8 to 10 year old boys and they come to your house every 2 weeks to do an activity that gets them ready for the "big leagues" of scouting as an 11 year old. haha
I'm totally excited!

Also, on Friday, I had my first experience being "the mean teacher".
I had to tell a boy in my class, numerous times (when I say 'numerous', I'm not kidding) to stop talking, making weird noises, or touching/bothering his neighbors while teaching math on the rug. I gave him plenty of warnings and finally said that if he did it again, he would make the choice to go finish his math time down at Mrs. Sorensen's (Skills class. Dun dun dun!).
Well, the poor kid did it again so I told him he needed to make his way down there. Instead of doing that, he decided to throw a fit on the rug and blame those around him. When that didn't work, he started crying and wouldn't move off the rug.
I told him that he could choose to walk down to Mrs. Sorensen's by himself or he could go into Mr. Heaton's office and wait for me to get the other students working on math so that I could walk him down there.
He just sat on the rug, crying.
So, I finished up what I was doing with the other kids and then had them head to their desks to work on math. I told the boy having the problem to head into Mr. Heaton's office while I got the others started and he went in there and hid in the corner crying.
As soon as the others were working, I went in there to have a "heart to heart" with him about what he did so that he understood that I wasn't doing it to be mean, I was just trying to teach him. I said, "If Mr. Heaton was here and he'd asked you to stop doing those things and you didn't, would he have done the same thing?" He replied with a yes so we walked together down to the skills room while he cried.
When he got back to go to P.E., he handed me a note. It was cute. haha I think we're on good terms now.
He really is a good kid but boy, do I hate having to give the "tough love".


Kristen said...

That note is way too cute! That is prob the hardest part about teaching I'm sure but it sounds like you are loved by your students!

Melissa said...

that is so cute. kids really are sweet (mostly)