January 22, 2013

Holiday Heroics

After a long and fun Sunday night playing games at both our families' houses and me drinking WAY too much Diet Coke, I proceeded to stay awake until 3:30am and thus slept in today until 10am. In fact, I didn't even realize it when Dan left for work at 6am. Now I'm sure that if he'd had it his way he would've laid down and had a nap but I was starving and didn't want to cook so we went to lunch/dinner at Sizzler. But I spent my morning preparing my lessons for the next school day and Dan got home from work around 3pm.

So when he got home we headed over to Sizzler and ate "linner". It was a good thing we went there because an old couple was there eating. When they left, the older lady was having a hard time opening the door so Dan ran over to open it for her and helped her out to her car. He came back a few minutes later and we finished talking and eating.

Not too long after that, the older lady came back to the door Dan had helped her out of and knocked on it. Dan saw her and ran over there. Seconds later he was gone. We had finished eating so I grabbed our things and went outside to see where he'd gone to.

When I got outside, I saw him helping the older man get into his car with his oxygen tank. We left a minute later and Dan told me that he had ran outside because the man had ran out of oxygen and was struggling to breathe! Dan had to hook up a new oxygen tank for him and then steady him so that he could catch his breath again and get into his car.

Good thing Dan had been there!

After we left, we went back home and watched Private Practice on Netflix until we fell asleep at 9pm. haha Yeah, we know how to spend our holidays!

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Kristen said...

Oh man I LOVE private practice! And I love Grey's. I just love netflix or I would have never watched any of these great shows!