January 19, 2013


I started my first two days of actual student teaching on Thursday and Friday. I've been there 10 days now but the first week is observation so it doesn't really count. When I say actual student teaching I mean I taught my first two full days! FULL DAYS and it went fairly well! But... I will say, it was a bit exhausting! haha 2nd graders are cute, fun, and hilarious but they have SO much energy. So, it was nice to have my cute husband text me at the end of school and ask me on a date for last night.

We went on a double date with Bryan and Mickel to Winger's and then bowling. It was nice to just get out and have some fun, especially since it's been forever since we've been bowling AND since we've hung out with Bryan and Mickel. Plus, I won. haha

Also, ladies, I'm sorry, but I DO have the best husband out there. We slept in this morning and then he brought me breakfast in bed. Eggs, sausage, cereal, chocolate milk. It was yum! He's such a sweetheart

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