December 9, 2012


So last night, after we both got done working (me at the Megaplex and Dan cutting wood), we went on a quick, fun date. It was almost 9pm so it was getting close to close time for many places plus I was craving some sushi (the expensive kind from Ninja) but we didn't want to break the bank soooooooo we went to the Hong Kong Buffet! We were the only ones there besides all the workers so it was fun to just relax, eat, and talk. I got my sushi fix AND I had a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream (they have the best in town). YUM!

After dinner, we dropped by Dan's parents' house to grab a blanket to take to the movie with us (Dan has used up all his jackets doing dirty jobs...) and then we headed over to Fids to watch Red Dawn. That movie was crazy! It's about these kids fighting back when North Korea comes to take over America. I think I would die if America were ever a war zone. I'm so grateful to live where I live and to those soldiers keeping us safe and fighting for our freedom!

In other news, Bones has new episodes on Netflix AND so does How I Met Your Mother! Boo ya! Let's just say, it's a good thing this week is my last week of school because Netflix has started to distract me significantly. I watch Bones when Dan isn't home and then we watch How I Met Your Mother together. haha Win, win.

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Kristen said...

We watch how I met your mother together too! Love it! Just saw they have new episodes and can't wait to watch! I just started watching revenge and love it. Ps I love the Hong Kong Buffett. Yum!