December 10, 2012

Dirty Laundry

Well, good morning, world. 9am is here. I don't have classes today so I shouldn't be awake. Buuuuuut, the hubster is up and gone. Cutting wood. So here I sit. Wide. A. Wake.

I guess I should be grateful because it's keeping me from being cozy lazy in my bed. Laundry is on the agenda this morning (unless someone wants to come do it for me...) along with a shower and some homework/studying... maybe. Oh, and a diet coke and some cold pizza for breakfast. Aaaaand a little blogging (obviously), Facebooking, and Pandora listening to fill in the cracks of open time. (A Day to Remember and Taking Back Sunday are keeping me company. Yeeeeeesss!)

It's basically freezing around these parts so I hope it snows sometime. Just not this weekend cause we're going up to Salt Lake to see my grandma for Christmas. But suuuuriously, it's winter... not to mention, Christmas in like 15 days. I am grateful that it hasn't snowed yet for the fact that Dan has still been able to do some landscaping and wood cutting to make us some moola. Dan is the most hard working person I know. I love him for taking such good care of us (and for a BUNCH of other reasons ♥ ).

Speaking of Dan, I hate when he has to leave for work early in the morning. Can't we just all quit our jobs and never have to work again?? haha I know I'm being silly and pout-y but that just means I like him, right? I'm entitled to some selfishness. It shows my love ;) haha

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