December 29, 2012


Christmas this year was good. It was really good.

We spent time with both our families and had lots of fun.

Christmas eve day we made cookies and seven layer salad for Christmas eve dinner at my parents' before heading over to Dan's parents' house. At their house we helped them make food and finish wrapping presents then we all gathered in the living room to open gifts. Dan's mom and dad got me a sewing machine and Dan got a light-up trace board for his new love of portrait drawing (we were both really excited)! We then said our goodbyes and headed over to my family's house.

At my family's house we ate some amazing dinner! My mom made teriyaki chicken, rice pilaf, and a cherry salad. Becca brought rolls and Dan and I brought seven layer salad and cookies. After dinner, we read the story of Christ's birth using candy bar names. It's become a family tradition to do this. The story is interjected with candy bar names like "Mary and Joseph traveled the 'Rocky Road' to Bethlehem" and when you hear the name of a candy bar (Rocky Road for example) you grab it off the table. After this, we had my grandpa open his present and he went home.

The rest of us played a couple minute-to-win-it games and then my mom, Dan, and I played with my sewing machine. Mom made us corn bags for Christmas so I helped her finish sewing a couple.

Dan, Becca, and I spent the night so we all got "rudely" awakened on Christmas morning by Erin a little before 7am. We opened gifts (Santa came to Dan and I this year (yay!) and Dan got a model car and I got a Best Bites Cook Book that I'd been wanting then my mom and dad gave Dan bagpipe lessons and I got some stuff for our house) and then Steph came over and we all had breakfast and played a little Just Dance 4 before everyone fell asleep for a mid-morning nap.

At 2pm, Dan and I left so the he could go to work and I could go over to his family's house so we could go see Les Mis. Dan's Grandma and Grandpa Rigby got all of us tickets to go for Christmas. The movie was AMAZING! I loved it!

That night, Dan got off work around 8pm and we went out to his Grandpa and Grandma Johnson's to play some cards with his Aunts and Uncles. We played Pounce and Dan and I kicked butt! haha

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Kristen said...

I LOVE that candy tradition! So fun! And Im jealous of your sewing machine. Except I have no idea how to sew but it sure looks nice! Glad you had a good Christmas cute girl!