December 28, 2012

12 Days

As I said before, Dan and I felt the love this season. First cookies left on our doorstep and then a whole twelve days of gifts. We looked forward to the surprise that would be left on our doorstep every night leading to Christmas and we've decided that we want to do it for someone next year!
We did, however, finally find out who had done the twelve days of Christmas for us on Christmas Eve when we were at my parents and they handed us the last one (popcorn) and gave us a popcorn maker haha But even thought we found out who it was, it was still so fun to get! 
It was such a cute idea, too! All food storage things. So here it is, in case anyone wants to copy for next year. Enjoy! (We sure did!)

Day #1: Pears
"Now in day number one, a 
fruit we will share
The verse gives you a hint; oh
yes, it's a PEAR.
With stored fruits a-plenty
you definitely could
Serve something daily that is 
really good."

Day #2: Chocolate Chips
"Day 2, turtledoves -- forget
birds and think treat
With these good 
make something sweet.
Think past cookies to muffins
and breads you can make.
But also for breakfast add
chips to pancakes."

Day #3: Chicken Soup
"Three French hens are just
chickens, so look what we
Some fixins' for dinner --
CHICKEN SOUP for your pot.
Add some veggies or fruit and 
some bread for you tummy
Now you've created a spread
that is yummy."

Day #4: Notepads
"Four calling birds -- good at 
keeping in touch
With names plus addresses, 
phone numbers, and such
So you'll want NOTEPADS 
as well for writing all these 
things down
If an emergency causes you
to hurriedly leave town."

Day #5: Pineapple Rings
"Only five golden rings? There
really are more 
to add to your store
Eat them plain or in salads -- 
there's so many ways
Start writing them down to 
plan your meal days."

Day #6: Oatmeal
"Six geese a-layin' -- we're 
back to those birds!
Try taking their eggs and their 
cries will be heard
So now what's for breakfast?
Not to worry or fear;
Try this OATMEAL -- it'll 
warm you into next year."

Day #7: Water
"Seven swans they were 
swimming in water so clear
They remind us that yes, we
store WATER my dear
For 2 weeks the recommended 
minimum you store
Is a gallon per person per day
(though you may want more)."

Day #8: Milk
"Eight maids a-milking, fresh 
milk it's no doubt
But it won't store for long if 
the power is out
To make eating more fun, this 
variety of MILK
Can be made into sauces that 
are smooth as silk!"

Day #9: Sugar
"Nine ladies are dancing out 
on the street
Each carrying SUGAR to 
make something sweet!
Cakes, cookies, or pies you
don't need a reason,
With sugar in store, you're
ready any season."

Day #10: Wheat and Flour
"Ten lords a-leaping, now 
that's quite a feat
We have brought you this 
grain, and yes, it is WHEAT.
With this versatile grain 
there's so much you can
And with it ground into FLOUR
you'll be able to bake."

Day #11: Bubbles
"Eleven pipers were piping -- a 
wonderful sight
'Cause these pipes don't 
make music; they blow
bubbles so light
So make sure that you plan 
several fun things to do 
To help relieve stress, here 
are BUBBLES for you."

Day #12: Salt and Popcorn
"Twelve drummers drumming; 
I wish they would halt.
But they're bringing a staple 
you need: it is SALT!
You never need much, just a 
little to savor
Especially on POPCORN; it 
enhances the flavor."

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