December 21, 2012

Christmas Vacation

Sorry for being so blog-inactive for the last week. In all honesty, I'm not THAT sorry though because I've been partying with the family, friends, and, of course, Dan. Our week has been filled FULL with travel this past week but, boy, has it been fun!

**Disclaimer: Brace yourselves, this is gonna be a long one.

Last friday night, Dan and I started our "vacation" right with date night. We had a gift certificate to Winger's and free tickets to a play at the university from my parents so we just had to! We invited Seth and Laura Allred to dinner with us. It was fun chatting with them and it was actually our first time being able to get all four of us together! Usually, Laura and I will do girl's nights or Dan and Seth will do guy's nights but someone usually ends up having to work whenever we think about doing a double date. It was nice to finally be able to get together! After dinner, we parted ways and Dan and I went to the Randall Jones Theater to watch A Christmas Carol on the Air. It was such a funny play! We loved it! (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Saturday, Becca picked us up and we followed the rest of the fam (minus Steph) to Salt Lake for a family filled weekend. We stopped along the way to visit Lisa, Nick, and Alex (Hey, Lisa!) and then we all headed north. Dan and I were going to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert at the conference center that night and had a few hours to kill so we (us and Becca) decided to check out the new City Creek Center across from Temple Square before heading over there. Soooo we called up Melissa and told her to follow us there and the four of us (after parking issues and navigating our way through the busy shoppers) spent some time shopping in H&M. Dan and I both got sexy winter coats for WAY cheap and Melissa and Becca found a round shirt haha

Becca and Melissa continued to shop while Dan and I made our way over to the conference center to meet up with Dan's grandparents and his cousin, Spencer, for the concert. Dan's Uncle Bruce is in the MoTab Choir so it was fun hearing him sing AND listening to them sing live in the conference center was awesome! They sounded so good. I would definitely love to see it next year too! After the concert, we met up with my family + Meliss on Temple Square to take pics and look at the lights before heading to my Grandma Barclay's for the night. It was beautiful!

Sunday morning, it was snowing a bit but Becca was awesome enough to do a photo shoot for Dan and me. We needed new pictures of us desperately since our last "formal" shots were from our engagement photos. I'm so happy with the way they turned out!

After taking pictures, we went to church with my grandma and then helped her get ready for the rest of the Barclay's to come over for our family Christmas party. We had yummy prime rib, "funeral" potatoes, salads, soda, veggies, ...the works! It was great. "Lucky the Elf" (aka Dan) even came to help Santa deliver some presents haha It was so fun to see the family. Next year, hopefully everyone can make it!

Monday morning, we all packed up to go home. We stopped by the Asian Market on the way home and Dan and I bought our very own sushi roller and sea weed so we can make our own sushi! Yum! We didn't stop long though cause Becca had to be back to work (she started a new job as a CNA at the same place my mom works), Dan wanted to go mudding *eye roll from me*, and Mom, Dad, Erin, and Cole wanted time to check out the new Scheel's (like Cabella's) before they had to be back for Collette's choir concert (which Dan and I also sang in that night because we are alumni... boo ya!).

Tuesday, Dan and I slept in until noon and then borrowed Becca's car to drive to St. George to stay for a couple days (we decided to do a trip instead of Christmas presents this year). When we arrived, we went to the Sunset Megaplex to see The Hobbit (for free even though I no longer work there haha) and then we went to dinner with Shaun and Kara + Kara's friends, Chelsea and Wes at Sakura's. It was so yummy! After games, Dan and I went to Shaun and Kara's new place to play games. We laughed our butts off and drank WAY too much soda! haha I love hanging out with them.

Also, they told us some exciting news! They have started the adoption process to adopt a baby! They said that if all goes well, they could have a baby within 6 months so Kara was joking that she's "technically" 3 months pregnant! haha I'm way excited for them (Kara had cancer when she was 15 and because of the chemo, she can't get pregnant so it's exciting they are able to adopt).

Wednesday morning, we slept in again (yeeeeeeeesssss!) and then went to Kneader's Bakery for lunch before going to get massages at Message Envy. It was both of our first times getting massages and it felt SO good! BUT definitely take their advice when they say to drink tons of water afterwards because I didn't and the next day I was SO sore. My back felt so bruised (luckily, Dan rubbed my back with Icy-hot and that helped a bit). Anyway,  after massages we went shopping for sheets for our bed and to see if we could find presents for our families. We found sheets but nothing we wanted to get for presents so we went to dinner at Bucca Di Beppo for some Italian instead. It was fun because it's a "family style" restaurant so everything is served in either small (feeds 2) or large (feeds 5+). Basically, you pick a few items to share. It was yummy! We decided it'd be a fun place to come with our families.

After dinner, we vegged out at our hotel room watching Cheaper By The Dozen on TV while we waited for Shaun and Kara to come over and swim/hot tub. We finally decided to brave the cold and run to the swimming pool around 10pm and they got there shortly after. I haven't been swimming in SO long so it was fun to get in the water again + the hot tub felt amazing. We then ran back to our hotel room to change and we chatted and ate junk food with Shaun and Kara before they headed back home.

The next morning we woke up and packed so we could check out of our room and Dan's mom called to tell us that Dan's dad, Steve, had to go back into the doctor and asked if Dan could help deliver some packages from his courier business (the one Dan used to run). The week before, Steve had a suspicious mole cut out of his leg. I guess it'd been there for about three years but had just recently been growing in size and the doctors wanted to check it for skin cancer. Needless to say, after they ran some tests they found that it was a rapid growing cancer. Dan was more than willing to help out with deliveries, as were all the rest of the boys, so their dad could get the medical help he needs to kick this cancer in the butt. They are going to test more of his skin to see if it's spread anywhere else. Hopefully it hasn't and they got it all! He's being really optimistic about it but be sure to keep him in your prayers!

In other news, I met with my mentor teacher from Enoch Elementary today. I'm excited to work in his class but it's starting to hit me how near the end actually is! AHHHH!!!

Well, that was my very long, busy, and fun week in a nutshell. If you're still reading OR you read any of it, I commend you! haha This was mostly for me. It is, afterall, my blog. Love you friends!

Aren't you excited for Christmas!?!? 
3 days left!

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Kristen said...

Loved this. What a fun week! I've been itching for a trip up north. Looks like you had a good time!