September 17, 2012

A Weekend Poem

Freaking best
Date-night, Temple, Friends
Love, Surprise, Fun, Happy
So good

This wonderful Cinquain (aka poem), written by yours truly, pretty much sums up my weekend.

Friday, Dan gave me some beautiful, colorful flowers before telling me to get dressed "fancy" and taking me to dinner at The Garden House. When we arrived, the host took us upstairs to a private table. As we got within view of our table I saw that roses and a card were laid out on the table and I thought, "Oh, how romantic! Someone must be here for a special occasion." Little did I know, Dan had come to the restaurant early to put those there for me! No, it wasn't a special occasion. Yes, it was the most romantically sweet date ever!

Saturday, I got up early and drove with my friend/co-worker, Laura Allred, to St. George to attend the temple. The temple was beautiful and being there, dressed in white was so wonderful. The spirit was so strong and the feeling of love that I had for myself and those I was doing work for was so amazing. After the temple, we made a quick search for baby clothes (Laura is having a little boy!) and did some window shopping (and laughing session at the latest disaster of an outfit we could find) then we headed to Olive Garden for some lunch. I had such a fun time with Laura!

When I returned to Cedar, I headed to work the first home football game for SUU vs. New Mexico Highlands. I logged in over 8 hours (which is more than I get at the movie theater in ONE week. Yeah. Kill me) supervising all our ticket stations and helping Shon with whatever. I'd say that with the win (Go T-birds!) and the fact that nothing horribly wrong happened on our first time having almost all new staff AND a whole new ticketing process/prices, that the night was spectacular. AND Dan took me to Krave with Caleb afterwards so it was all good.

Sunday, we went to our new ward (the 13th ward) and we loved everything about it! Fabulous sacrament meeting with great speakers, an honestly rivoting lesson on 3rd Nephi in Gospel Doctrine, and a fun football themed lesson in Relief Society. Oh, it was great. AND we now have tickets for the Brigham City Temple dedication for this Sunday so we're doing good!

Also, I've discovered scanning thanks to my new printer! Prepare yourselves for all my instax mini photos to overload your life! haha

After church, we talked to our neighbor, Paul, about camping, cows, 4-wheelers, and future children (where he informed us that the best part of having kids is the "trying to make them" part. I'm serious right now. haha). Pretty sure he's about my grandpa's age. He's a funny guy! Then we had Amber, Dan, Chloe, Kayla, and Tyson over for dinner and games. It was so fun! We had tacos and played Boxers or Briefs and Things.

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Lisa said...

That Dan!! He is truly in love with you...he plans the most romantic little surprises to shower you with his love! You two are the cutest!!