August 20, 2012


Saturday was a fun day. I had had kind of a stressful week and had been taking it out on Dan so I decided that to make up for it, I would take Dan on a date doing stuff he liked. I had originally planned to make some chicken enchilada stuff that he loves for lunch and then take him fishing but apparently his fishing pole broke so plans changed and we ended up going to lunch at Sizzler and bowling afterwards. We had such a good time! Dates like those remind me of why I fell for that cute guy in the first place. Yeah, I'm kind of in love with him haha ♥

Around 6:30pm, we headed over to Parowan to watch The Mud Bogs cause our friend, Shaun, had entered his truck in it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the mud bogs are, basically, it's a bunch of guys and some girls with trucks, ATVs, or jeeps that try their hand at driving through a giant mud pit without getting stuck and racing to see who can do it the fastest. It's hilarious haha When we first got there it was raining a bit but it was sure fun to watch and it was fun being with friends. We met up with Shaun and Kara when we got there but Amber and Dan ended up being there also, and one of my old friends, Rachelle, was in Cedar for a wedding with a friend from her mission, Amy, so they met up with us later that night as well. It was a party! The Mud Bogs finally got over around 11:30pm and then we all headed back to Cedar for some dinner at Denny's.

Told you we had a fun day!

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Alyssa Kaylee said...

Sounds like fun!! also that pic of you and Dan is the best one I have ever seen ever.