March 14, 2012

tres días

The last couple of days have been fabulous!

Monday was my sister, Erin's, 12th birthday.
She's growing up so fast!
And she was so excited! 12 in our family brings ear piercings and shaved legs (every girl's dream, right? haha)...
It was a fun evening though.
Right after I got off work, I took Erin for a bike ride.
It was awesome and felt so great to get a little exercise.
PLUS we had fun "pretending". Don't you remember those days of being young and pretending with whatever you were doing?
This day we pretended we were "robbers escaping the police" on our bikes. It was epic.
Then we went with the rest of the family to my sister, Cole's choir concert at CHS.
P.S. You guys! Cole has her driver's license and she drives a car! WEIRD!
The concert was good and they sang some fun songs.
After the concert we all met over at 5 Buck Pizza for a little birthday get-together.
And Dan was able to meet us there after work!
It was a blast!
The dinner escapade involved everything you could imagine--eating pizza, laughing, talking (loudly), me getting my hand smashed into the pizza by dad for eating the pineapples off the pizza on the pans, Becca and Paul bringing in the cake my parents wanted to surprise Erin with, Paul accidentally sitting on the cake while bringing it there in the car, singing happy birthday to Erin, picture taking, and eating the cake.
What a great night!

Tuesday, Dan and I slept in until noon and, oh, was it glorious!
Not to mention the fact that we slept on our couches (with them pushed together) so we could watch Better Off Ted, which is absolutely hilarious.
Then we had a totally productive and fun day together!
We registered the Jimmy (finally!)... We've only been illegally driving an un-registered vehicle for the last 4 months. No big deal.
And got the title turned over to our name (oh yeah! we own it!)
Then we cleaned out both our cars, vacuumed them, and even took them to the car wash!
At about 3pm we realized we hadn't eaten anything the whole day and we were hungry and since it was our "date day" we needed to go eat something.
SO, we went to the drive-thru at Carl's Jr. (mmm!) and then jumped on the freeway to go to Escalante.
We had to pick up blood from the blood drive for Dan's courier company like the last time we went there...
We had such a fun drive.
I love being with Dan, no matter what we're doing ♥

TODAY, when we're both off of work, we're going to do a little spring yard cleaning.
I'm SO excited!
No, but seriously. I am.
Which is funny because when I was at my parents' house I was never excited to do yard work BUT now that I have my own house, I'm stoked on it haha
I've become... "an adult"... oh gees.


Nathan and Kristen said...

I think I might have you beat on driving illegally in an unregistered vehicle for....8 months!!! Yeah. I think I need to follow your example and get on it! haha

Melissa said...

oh i loved reading this post. it was fun and it sounds like erin's birthday was simple and sweet. i loved your plot for pretend as racing away from the cops. how cute:)

Melissa said...

oh, p.s. notice the pic of erin with her cake and how in the background it says "the beast is here" bahaha kinda funny;D