November 22, 2011

Musical Musings

Music can be quite inspiring, wouldn't you say?
And today, I came across a few gems while listening to pandora that just inspired me to think.

#1: NOW 38
Can you even believe they have that many out now?
I mean, I remember when the first one came out!
AND I even own NOW 5!
It made me think of childhood to see that... pretty positive Destiny's Child is a contributor on that album (Oh yes)

#2: Thank You by Alanis Morissette
Old song, great song.
Inspiring why?
Because Thanksgiving is this week! Hello!
I'm excited!
I don't have school or work for the next 3 days
AND on Thursday, Dan and I will head to my Grandpa Smith's for family thanksgiving.
The WHOLE family will be there this year and I am SO. EXCITED.
I'm so thankful for my family ♥

#3: Family by Matt Wertz
Speaking of family...
Today was the first time I've heard this song but I basically love Matt Wertz. The man has a way with words.
As I listened, I looked at the lyrics (thank you, Pandora) and thought "How absolutely perfect."
This song says exactly how I feel about my family.
This last week we have had to deal with a few things that are tough, really tough.
I won't go into any details but I will always be there for them and I know they are always there for me.
Even when times are rough.
We're family, forever.
My sisters and parents are some of my best friends
You guys are the best!
Love you all ♥

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Melissa said...

i remember when pat got Now 4!! i can't believe they are on Now 38! sheesh